• 20Nov

    This Taylor Guitar brought big bucks at Auction Bay!

    On occasion, we at Auction Bay get the pleasure of listing a fine instrument for sale.  We’ve seen all sorts, from accordions to zithers.  This Guitar is another great example!

    This is a model 414 CE Grand Auditorium Electric Acoustic Guitar by Taylor.  It’s got a huge name, and it sold for a pretty huge price, too!  It’s easy to see why, as the quality of this instrument is truly top-notch.  The body is a beautiful brown burl Ovangkol, which helps to produce a great deep sound.  The face is a high gloss Sitka Spruce, bound by White Fiber. Even the fretboard has pearl dots.  And, being the CE model, it used Fishmen Prefix Plus electronics, for on-the-fly equalizing.  It was even lightweight.

    This guitar makes tone-deaf people want to learn to play guitar, that’s how great it is.  And for that reason, it sold for $1,400.00!

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  • 09Nov

    Of all things, a Keyboard brought a huge sale on eBay. $285.00!

    Talk about big surprises.   This auction made all of us old-school computer geeks cringe, remembering all the old parts we threw away or recycled back when we were certain they would no longer be useful, and could never possibly be worth anything.  Well, that’s some tasty crow we’re eating.

    Here we have one of the most common computer accessories: the Keyboard.  This is an IBM Personal Computer Keyboard, dating back to the mid-1980s.  There were hundreds of thousands of these made, and every household and company with an IBM PC had one or a comparable model.  But the key to this auction is what we call rate of attrition.

    Every company and family who owned IBM computers naturally had to use their keyboard, and very few had an extra one on hand.  After a number of years passed, computers no longer used this type of keyboard, and they were thrown away en masse, resulting in an increase in rarity.  Finally, condition played a major role in the high sale of this auction, as this keyboard was never removed from its box and plugged in.  In such pristine condition, even common items can see strong sales.  Put it all together, and you get a $285.00 sale for a mere Keyboard.

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  • 06Nov

    Thomas Centennial Park in Downtown Chesterton looks a little chilly this morning!

    The first week of November isn’t yet over, and we’ve had our first snowfall of the season!  At Auction Bay, we were amused by the flurries yesterday, but we weren’t expecting a measurable snowfall overnight!  No matter, we’re ready for business and can’t wait to help you sell items on eBay!

    We’ve got hot coffee.  Care to join us?  What better way to beat the chill of the first winter snow than by gathering up a few items and heading over to Auction Bay to make some money on ebay?  Here, you can enjoy a steaming hot cup of caffeine, a pleasant conversation, and make money all the while as  we help you sell your items.  It’s a great way to make extra money for the holiday season!  Christmas is less than 50 days away, after all! 

    Who knows what this winter will bring, but if you sell with Auction Bay, you’ll have an additional source of income to help you through the cold months! 

    We can’t help but to keep mentioning our new facade.  It looks pretty good in the snow!  As the great Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) once said… “It ain’t braggin’ if it’s true!”

    A little bit of snow won't slow us down!

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  • 03Nov

    Auction Bay Online has finished the upgrade of the building façade, bringing a classic appearance back to this 118-year-old edifice!

    We present to you the new Auction Bay Online storefront!  The design was inspired by black & white photographs of the building and the historic downtown Chesterton area.

    It's the new face of Auction Bay Online, ready to serve you!

    If you need construction or renovation work for your home or business, we’ll happily put you in contact with the contractors with whom we have enjoyed working!  Call (219) 926-6416 for more information about Auction Bay or our new look!

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  • 03Nov

    This huge toy model of the M5 Stuart tank brought a $154.00 sale!

    We love toys at Auction Bay.  Toys can be really big sellers, partly because there’s always someone looking for that cool toy they always wanted from their childhood, or that one piece to complete their collection, or Birthday & Christmas presents for their children!  And whatever toy you’re looking for, the place to find it is on eBay!

    This Tank is one of the coolest toys we’ve encountered!  We’ve seen a number of great models and even some highly detailed replicas, but you’ve got to admit… nothing screams “cool toy” like a huge toy tank over 2 feet long!  This 1:6 scale model replicates the M5 Stuart Light Tank used by American and British armed forces in World War Two.  Made by 21st Century Toys roughly 10 years ago, this piece has maintained an impressive value on the collector’s market, and is popular among radio-control toy enthusiasts as well!  After all, racing fast RC cars can be fun, but invading scale cities sounds pretty fun, too!  In any case, this tank brought enough bids to score a $154.00 sale, in spite of the fact that it was a costly item to ship!

    Whether you have great toys like this one, or other WWII collectibles, we at Auction Bay will be happy to help you sell them!  We make sure your items have the best chance of a top dollar sale!

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