eBay, Estate, and Real Estate Sale Specialists

Whether you are moving, downsizing, or handling the estate of a loved one, Auction Bay Online can simplify the task.  We realize these life changing events can be overwhelming.  Using our expertise and a 3 phase approach, we can relieve you of the stress while maximizing your profits on both your personal property & real estate.

Our 3 phase approach includes:

  • Utilize our 18 years eBay experience to handpick the personal property items which will sell best on eBay, and list these items through the Auction Bay Online Store
  • Host an onsite estate sale to sell off the remainder of the items not suited for online sales
  • Prepare the property for a full service real estate listing with d’aprile properties.

Please give us a call to schedule a no-obligation walk through.  We will come up with a customized plan for your situation.

At the Auction Bay Online store, we assess every item you bring to us for its potential sale value on eBay.  Using research tools, we can determine any item’s likely range of sale, and find out its history of sale on eBay.  Although we can list any item you bring to us on eBay, we recommend focusing on items which have a history of selling for $40.00 or higher.

eBay Auction Plans to fit your needs!

We have two eBay auction plans, outlined below:

Standard AuctionsStandard Listing:

  • $5 Upfront fee
  • 45% commission(includes eBay/Paypal fees)
  • Your item’s starting price is set to $24.99.
  • 7-Day Auctions, with relist up to 6 months.
  • Includes item research, professional photographs, detailed description, and packaging/shipping.
  • Exclusive listing methods help your sales!

Custom Listing:

  • $10 Upfront fee
  • 40% commission(includes eBay/Paypal fees)
  • You get to set the starting price!
  • 7-Day Auctions, with relist up to 6 months
  • Includes item research, professional photographs, detailed description, and packaging/shipping.
  • Exclusive listing methods help your sales!

We work hard to make sure your items sell for the best the market has to offer!  We have many factors working in our favor, like our high feedback rating and increased search status, both of which lend to greater visibility and buyer confidence.  We also use multiple methods to showcase each item, going beyond most other sellers’ efforts.  And for rare or obscure items, our research can make all the difference in a sale.    Got some high-end items?

Our hours of operation.

Our hours of operation.

Worry-Free item consignment!

Once your item is accepted for consignment, you don’t have to do a thing until the check comes in the mail!  Once your item goes online, we will email you the direct links to the auctions so you can watch them in progress.  Once your item sells, we’ll package it up carefully and ship it out to its new home (buyer pays for shipping in all cases).  Your check will be cut and mailed upon the following payout period (bi-weekly schedule).

On top of it all, we go the distance to make sure your items sell for as much as the market will bear.  We use research tools to accurately identify each item and note its strong points.  We also have custom-built tools – exclusive to Auction Bay – at our disposal, designed specifically to maximize sales.  We combine industry-proven techniques with our own innovative methods to ensure a strong sale.

Friendly Employees you can Trust and rely on!

Our employees are dedicated to our work.  We enjoy the treasure hunt here, and put our best into each listing.  We provide honest assessment and quality representation for your items. We once found a small gold coin mixed into a lot, and immediately separated it and entered it into its own auction for that same consignor.  It brought an unexpected $200 sale, for a piece our happy consignor didn’t even know was there!

Ask us about selling your car on eBay Motors!  We can run your Estate Sale for the best revenue return!  We can also help you sell your home!