• 28Apr
    This great decanter sold for $150.00 at Auction Bay!

    This great decanter sold for $150.00 at Auction Bay!

    We recently sold a Pewter Wine Decanter, made in exquisite detail.  We’ve had some success selling similar items before, but this one is a prime example of what to look for!

    This decanter, almost 10″ tall, featured an amber glass body with elaborate pewter detailing reinforcing and protecting the glass.  The blown glass insert looked great, and while it was smooth, we have also seen a similar one with ridged glass sell well. 

    The accents and embellishments were typical of Victorian or Art Nouveau design, and these elements undoubtedly added to its value.  It sold for $150.00!

    Many pieces like this come from Germany and surrounding countries, and we have had success selling collections of beer steins, lidded pitchers, and especially regimental steins. 

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  • 13Apr

    After a great weekend, Auction Bay is back in action and ready to sell your stuff on eBay!  But first, we’d like to share another success story!

    This Leinenkugel's Beer Mirror-Sign sold on eBay for $154.50!

    This Leinenkugel

    We’ve had some good history with Bar Decor and Beer Advertisements.  We recently sold this Leinenkugel’s Beer Mirror Sign on eBay for $154.50!  It’s easy to see what makes this piece desirable!  The Leinenkugel name and Indian Maiden logo feature prominently, big and bold at center!  The mirror itself looks sharp enough that it could have served as a set dressing for Cheers, or any tavern setting on stage or screen!  It was also fairly clean, as opposed to some items pulled from bars, which can be coated in grime and dust.

    Small promotional items like can coolers and pins and buttons and the like don’t tend to bring much interest online (unless they are quite old or advertising a no-longer-made beer or consumable), but the bar-grade decorations, especially ones made with lights or movement… those can bring in big bucks!

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  • 07Apr
    A Happy Easter to all our customers, consignors, and visitors!

    A Happy Easter to all our customers, consignors, and visitors!

    Auction Bay Online will be closed on Friday, April 10, and Saturday, April 11, to allow our staff to enjoy a nice, long Easter Weekend!  We’ll be back bright and early on Monday, the 13th!  We wish all of you a great weekend filled with great food and family fun!



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