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    Of all things, a Keyboard brought a huge sale on eBay. $285.00!

    Talk about big surprises.   This auction made all of us old-school computer geeks cringe, remembering all the old parts we threw away or recycled back when we were certain they would no longer be useful, and could never possibly be worth anything.  Well, that’s some tasty crow we’re eating.

    Here we have one of the most common computer accessories: the Keyboard.  This is an IBM Personal Computer Keyboard, dating back to the mid-1980s.  There were hundreds of thousands of these made, and every household and company with an IBM PC had one or a comparable model.  But the key to this auction is what we call rate of attrition.

    Every company and family who owned IBM computers naturally had to use their keyboard, and very few had an extra one on hand.  After a number of years passed, computers no longer used this type of keyboard, and they were thrown away en masse, resulting in an increase in rarity.  Finally, condition played a major role in the high sale of this auction, as this keyboard was never removed from its box and plugged in.  In such pristine condition, even common items can see strong sales.  Put it all together, and you get a $285.00 sale for a mere Keyboard.

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