• 04Jun

    What will your old costume jewelry sell for?

    Costume Jewelry isn’t always a big seller, but popular brand names and sought-after materials can push sale prices up!  Such was the case with this vintage faceted red bakelite bead necklace!

    Bakelite, a predecessor of modern plastics, is a desirable material, and can mean the difference between a non-seller and a big seller like this one.  This strand of beads offers a classic look and is in great condition, helping it sell for $77.99!

    Among the most desirable of costume jewelry are matched sets (earrings with pin or brooch, necklace, all in the same style).  One of the names we look for is Trifari, whose elaborate pieces can be worth a fair bundle, if their condition and appearance have been maintained.  Sometimes, an entire jewelry box of costume pieces can sell en masse for a fair price, too!  At Auction Bay, we’ll help you find the hidden treasures in your collection.  Once, we found a rare gold coin in our consignor’s old jewelry box, long forgotten and ready to sell.  She was quite happy with the result!

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  • 13Dec

    This Past Grand Master medal from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows brought a $158.05 sale!

    We’ve seen numerous and curious objects from fraternal organizations, and each of them has offered us the chance to learn a great deal about their organizations and the collectible nature of their objects.  We’ve seen Masonic rings, Templar swords, and most recently, this medal: a badge of office from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows!

    This medal is a real beauty.  In great condition for its age, this piece has all the most well-known symbols for the order, including the three-link chain, the all-seeing eye, and the starburst with the motto surrounding the palm is very distinctive as well.  What’s more is that this piece of I.O.O.F.  history bears the engraved dedication to its original owner on the back, dating it all the way back to 1933.  It brought 14 bids from 7 different bidders, finally selling for $158.05 (which is, incidentally, three times more than the only similar medal on eBay in the past 90 days).

    If you have a piece of history like this or any collectible items from a fraternal organization, it could be worth a bundle.  And when sold on eBay, many pieces like this one go into the hands of collectors, or to current members of the organization to be kept in a place of respect (or sometimes presented anew to a deserving individual).  Don’t hesitate to bring your item in, and we’ll find out what it may be worth!

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  • 26Aug
    These antique leg irons, once used to shackle slave prisoners, sold for $910.00 on eBay!

    These antique leg irons, once used to shackle slave prisoners, sold for $910.00 on eBay!

    At Auction Bay, we’ve found good successes with sales of historical memorabilia, specifically period pieces with some provenance behind them.  Recently, we sold a set of antique Leg Irons, or Shackles dating to the early 1800s.  These shackles were from the estate of a professional who caught runaway slaves, and were used as he plied his trade.

    There are many collectors of all manner of historical items, and this item drew attention from several.  It brought an impressive sale at $910.00, and incidentally went back to the state of its origin: Alabama.

    This auction shows that there are highly collectible historical items that still fetch a handsome price in this economy, and collectors are looking for their next treasures on eBay!  Even items that date to a tumultuous and dark time in history can bring in the interest and the bids.  Sometimes these items go to collectors, while often they are purchased by museums, who display them for all to see, that we may not forget the errors of the past.  Either way, an eBay sale will get an item to a place of appreciation, so don’t be shy to bring in your items!

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  • 28Apr
    This great decanter sold for $150.00 at Auction Bay!

    This great decanter sold for $150.00 at Auction Bay!

    We recently sold a Pewter Wine Decanter, made in exquisite detail.  We’ve had some success selling similar items before, but this one is a prime example of what to look for!

    This decanter, almost 10″ tall, featured an amber glass body with elaborate pewter detailing reinforcing and protecting the glass.  The blown glass insert looked great, and while it was smooth, we have also seen a similar one with ridged glass sell well. 

    The accents and embellishments were typical of Victorian or Art Nouveau design, and these elements undoubtedly added to its value.  It sold for $150.00!

    Many pieces like this come from Germany and surrounding countries, and we have had success selling collections of beer steins, lidded pitchers, and especially regimental steins. 

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  • 11Jan

    One of our consignors is not only a treasure hunter, but is also an avid deer hunter.  He recently brought in his latest prize, and listed it on eBay with Auction Bay.

    This impressive set of Antlers sold for $457.00 on eBay!

    This impressive set of Antlers sold for $457.00 on eBay!

    Now, we’ve had success with impressive pieces of taxidermy before, such as mounted deer heads and racks of antlers, and even with gag gifts like Buck, the singing animated deer.  But this set of antlers spread two feet wide and had 11 full points on it, making it a whopper of a rack!  The jawbone was included, allowing the bidder to accurately determine the age of the specimen.  Soon, the hunters, taxidermists, wildlife enthusiasts, scrimshaw artists, and knife-makers were all checking out this rack.  The bids came steadily, and then this impressive set sold for $457.00.

    So if there are some more hunters out there, if you’ve got some mounted (or un-mounted) trophies that you can part with, bring them into Auction Bay, and we’ll see if we can beat that sale price!

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