• 13Dec

    This Past Grand Master medal from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows brought a $158.05 sale!

    We’ve seen numerous and curious objects from fraternal organizations, and each of them has offered us the chance to learn a great deal about their organizations and the collectible nature of their objects.  We’ve seen Masonic rings, Templar swords, and most recently, this medal: a badge of office from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows!

    This medal is a real beauty.  In great condition for its age, this piece has all the most well-known symbols for the order, including the three-link chain, the all-seeing eye, and the starburst with the motto surrounding the palm is very distinctive as well.  What’s more is that this piece of I.O.O.F.  history bears the engraved dedication to its original owner on the back, dating it all the way back to 1933.  It brought 14 bids from 7 different bidders, finally selling for $158.05 (which is, incidentally, three times more than the only similar medal on eBay in the past 90 days).

    If you have a piece of history like this or any collectible items from a fraternal organization, it could be worth a bundle.  And when sold on eBay, many pieces like this one go into the hands of collectors, or to current members of the organization to be kept in a place of respect (or sometimes presented anew to a deserving individual).  Don’t hesitate to bring your item in, and we’ll find out what it may be worth!

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  • 11Jan

    A new consignor recently brought in some vintage Boy Scout items from his life-long career as a scout and scouter, and was pleased that we were enthusiastic to list his items.  The centerpiece of his collection was his old Explorer Uniform Shirt, which bore some distinctive patches like one from the National Jamboree at Valley Forge in 1957, as well as an old Gary, IN troop patch.

    This great Explorer Scout shirt sold for $260.00 on eBay thanks to its rare patches and medals!

    This great Explorer Scout shirt sold for $260.00 on eBay thanks to its rare patches and medals!

    According to the collectors we spoke with, the Oposa Achomawi Lodge 189 patches (from an OA Lodge no longer in existence) and the Eagle Scout medal (which was Sterling Silver and had a distinctive metal knot) were the most compelling items on the uniform.  Still, the Eagle Scout on our staff was thoroughly tickled to learn the history of the patches and browse through half a century of Scouting history to help sell these items.  We will cater your auction to the patch collectors out there, to ensure a high sale!

    There are plenty of Boy Scout and Scouting collectors out there, and they are willing to bid, so bring your old Scout stuff in to Auction Bay and we’ll research it for you and help you sell on eBay!

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