• 06Aug
    Where'd the Auction Bay sign go?

    Our storefront looks a bit different now, but soon you'll see a major change!

    Those who frequent historic downtown Chesterton may notice something different on Calumet just across from the park with the Gazebo!

    We’ve just taken down the sign which has stood atop Auction Bay since long before we opened four years ago!  It’s left a funny oval mark above our awning, but fear not!  This is one of the first steps in our upcoming renovations!

    The building at 107 S. Calumet has stood for over a century, and we at Auction Bay are quite happy to keep it occupied and productive!  But soon, it will get a face-lift!  We’re re-working the façade of the building to restore some of its original splendor and give it the look and feel which a 100-year-old building should have!  With a new (old) look to the outside, we’ll bring back a classic appearance!  But step inside and take a look around, and you’ll see our business is state-of-the-art, bringing you the best in online auctions!

    This month, Auction Bay Online celebrates its Fourth Year in operation, and we’re not just giving this old building a great new look.  With over 14,000 feedback and dozens of auctions listed each day, we’re continually branching outward, optimizing our system and giving you greater service.  Keep watching our website, or check out our facebook page for more news, and in the coming weeks you’ll see lots of new features, from podcasts and videos to promotional events!

  • 06Aug
    Waltham Pocketwatch - Sold for $282

    This Antique Pocketwatch by WALTHAM sold for $282.00!

    Anyone who appreciates a high-quality timepiece can appreciate these items!  At Auction Bay, we find great success with items like this one: an antique pocketwatch, boasting a 14K Gold watch case.  This watch was in good physical shape, but didn’t keep time, and it still brought $282.00 at auction!

    Antique watches can sell well, as long as they have quality clockwork, or a desirable maker’s name like WALTHAM, Illinois, ELGIN, Hamilton, or others.  The key to selling antique watches is to show off the clockwork!  The face and the watch case are the obvious things to show off, and can have markings to help identify the piece, but at Auction Bay, we make sure to open the back of the case, if it’s possible, to show the clock movement inside!  The movement is usually marked with the maker’s name and additional serial numbers, and shows how many jewels the clockwork contains.  Sometimes, they are even decorated with highly detailed engravings inside, and all of this can lend toward a fantastic sale.

    If you’re fond of antique pocketwatches or new wristwatches, keep an eye on our upcoming auctions!  We’ve got some big-ticket watches to sell soon, including modern stylish pieces from Invictus and some real beauties from Breitling and Rolex!!

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