We can sell your Audi!

We can sell your car, like this Audi!

At Auction Bay, we can help you sell your car, truck, motorcycle, trailer, or even a fleet of buses, through eBay Motors.  We have had great success with vintage vehicles, classic cars, and even modern sports cars.  Why, we’ve even listed light aircraft!

We go into extreme detail when listing a vehicle, taking dozens of photos and occasionally taking videos of the engine in operation or the vehicle in motion to help it sell.  We build for your car a gallery web page in addition to the auction page, with all the photos arrayed to showcase every aspect, from the paint down to the undercarriage.  We cross-advertise the vehicle through local classifieds to increase its chances of sale, and all for a competitive fee.

There is a $100 up-front Fee for us to list your vehicle on eBay, which covers the custom website, detailed write-up, and eBay Motors vehicle insertion costs.  When your vehicle sells, our commission is only $200 plus 1% of the sale price!  This means that of a $10,000 vehicle sale, our fees and commission total a mere 4% of the sale!  This makes Auction Bay the best and most affordable method of selling your car or truck!

Call us at (219) 926-6416 for more information, and we’ll get your car sold!

We’ll help you sell your watercraft, too!

Need to sell your Boat?  Auction Bay can do it for you!

Located within a short drive of Lake Michigan and the Port of Indiana, Auction Bay Online can be the ideal location to sell your boat!  We go to the same rigorous effort to help you sell a watercraft as we use for selling cars.   We can use any photographs you provide (in-action shots always help), and will also take dozens of additional photos of the interior, exterior, and any aspects we feel will help it sell.  There are plenty of boating enthusiasts in the Chicagoland area and all across the lake who are just waiting for your boat to be listed!


Classic Cars bring big bucks!

Classic Cars bring big bucks!

Let Auction Bay sell your historic car!

Classic Cars can bring some big sales!  We treat your old hot rod like a star, even if it’s a fixer-upper!  And the best thing about selling your vehicle on eBay is that it will most likely go to another collector or vintage vehicle enthusiast, who will take good care of your prized cruiser!  Even vintage vehicle parts can bring in the cash, as people are always looking for that missing headlight, hubcap, or emblem for their vehicle.

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