• 29Apr
    Altair 8800

    This vintage Altair 8800 computer sold for $1,712.76 on eBay!

    We’ve just had the pleasure of selling a few pieces of computer history, and the sales they brought were nothing short of huge!

    Here we have the Altair 8800 computer, custom built from a kit, in great condition.  We powered this machine on and it lit up, ready to work for us!  It had no expansion cards in it – only the basic shell, but it still brought an amazing $1,712.76 at auction!  Imagine what one might sell for if it had a bay full of boards!

    We were amazed by this machine, which pre-dated each of our computer experiences.  We muse at our cell phones and how far computer technology has come in the past thirty years.

    These items were among the very first home computers, so early that they had to be purchased as kits and assembled by the user!  To lend to the significance of these models, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were just students when these computers were available for sale!  So it’s easy to see why they could bring in such high bids.   The classic computer collectors out there will drop big bucks on items like this, so if you have an aging computer at home, don’t hesitate to bring it into Auction Bay for an evaluation!  We’ll show you how much it can sell for, and we can do all the work for you.

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  • 20Apr

    We’ve sold all manner of Cameras at Auction Bay, and we enjoy seeing more cameras come into the store.  Each of us has some skill as an item photographer, so we’ve grown familiar with camera parts and photo techniques, and we use this to our advantage when selling everything from old folding cameras to medium-format models to modern SLR types.   But this piece is a big one…

    We recently sold some professional-grade video cameras and their equipment.  This is just one example of that lot: a Canon XL1S Camera, complete with a set of accessories and case.  This impressive camera, used by both amateur filmmakers and professional videographers, brought $1,125.00 at auction.

    Items like this tend to hold their value for many years, and can still bring in big bids after extensive use.  This one was in excellent condition, having been well kept during its use.  We also sold the lighting and camera stand tripod for this unit, and all brought impressive sales.  Of course, anything with the name Bogen Manfrotto on it is sure to sell.

    Do you have any old or new camera equipment taking up space?  Are you looking to upgrade to a newer model?  We can help you sell your camera and turn it into cash for your next investment!

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  • 20Apr

    Musical Instruments and eBay are a big hit on eBay, no matter their condition.  We’ve sold old brass instruments in need of restoration, and we’ve also had the pleasure of selling fine new pieces like this one!

    This is a Traditional 4-String Dulcimer made by Warren May, featuring a lovely hourglass shape and hummingbird shapes for cut-outs in the resonance chamber.  This piece isn’t the most commonly encountered instrument, and its pristine condition made it quite competitive.  The case and a bonus instructional book helped sweeten the deal.  It sold for $380.75.

    Whatever your instrument is, you can rest easy in selling it on eBay.  There are always people browsing in search for a new instrument to play, and even if it needs repair, it will be bid upon and sell (usually to someone who can restore it to playable condition).

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