• 20Apr

    Musical Instruments and eBay are a big hit on eBay, no matter their condition.  We’ve sold old brass instruments in need of restoration, and we’ve also had the pleasure of selling fine new pieces like this one!

    This is a Traditional 4-String Dulcimer made by Warren May, featuring a lovely hourglass shape and hummingbird shapes for cut-outs in the resonance chamber.  This piece isn’t the most commonly encountered instrument, and its pristine condition made it quite competitive.  The case and a bonus instructional book helped sweeten the deal.  It sold for $380.75.

    Whatever your instrument is, you can rest easy in selling it on eBay.  There are always people browsing in search for a new instrument to play, and even if it needs repair, it will be bid upon and sell (usually to someone who can restore it to playable condition).

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