• 09Nov

    Of all things, a Keyboard brought a huge sale on eBay. $285.00!

    Talk about big surprises.   This auction made all of us old-school computer geeks cringe, remembering all the old parts we threw away or recycled back when we were certain they would no longer be useful, and could never possibly be worth anything.  Well, that’s some tasty crow we’re eating.

    Here we have one of the most common computer accessories: the Keyboard.  This is an IBM Personal Computer Keyboard, dating back to the mid-1980s.  There were hundreds of thousands of these made, and every household and company with an IBM PC had one or a comparable model.  But the key to this auction is what we call rate of attrition.

    Every company and family who owned IBM computers naturally had to use their keyboard, and very few had an extra one on hand.  After a number of years passed, computers no longer used this type of keyboard, and they were thrown away en masse, resulting in an increase in rarity.  Finally, condition played a major role in the high sale of this auction, as this keyboard was never removed from its box and plugged in.  In such pristine condition, even common items can see strong sales.  Put it all together, and you get a $285.00 sale for a mere Keyboard.

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  • 29Apr
    Altair 8800

    This vintage Altair 8800 computer sold for $1,712.76 on eBay!

    We’ve just had the pleasure of selling a few pieces of computer history, and the sales they brought were nothing short of huge!

    Here we have the Altair 8800 computer, custom built from a kit, in great condition.  We powered this machine on and it lit up, ready to work for us!  It had no expansion cards in it – only the basic shell, but it still brought an amazing $1,712.76 at auction!  Imagine what one might sell for if it had a bay full of boards!

    We were amazed by this machine, which pre-dated each of our computer experiences.  We muse at our cell phones and how far computer technology has come in the past thirty years.

    These items were among the very first home computers, so early that they had to be purchased as kits and assembled by the user!  To lend to the significance of these models, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were just students when these computers were available for sale!  So it’s easy to see why they could bring in such high bids.   The classic computer collectors out there will drop big bucks on items like this, so if you have an aging computer at home, don’t hesitate to bring it into Auction Bay for an evaluation!  We’ll show you how much it can sell for, and we can do all the work for you.

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  • 19Mar

    This old INTEL chip kit from the 1970s brought BIG bucks!

    We’ve had the pleasure of handling an estate of a computer collector, and we’ve sold everything from old software to old computers and even computer magazines, the majority of which date to the early 1980s.  This was one particular gem of that collection, and it was definitely a big surprise!

    This was a Microcomputer Kit containing a series of 20 chips and its original documentation, dating to 1976.  This set was made by none other than intel, maker of today’s most advanced computer CPUs.   Originally dispatched to Universities as project kits, this item now makes a great collectible!  It received numerous bids, including several last-second hits from numerous countries, including France, Germany, Norway, Taiwan, and more!  This hot old chip kit finally sold for $449.00, much to our excitement.

    We don’t know what the next huge sale will be from this collection, as many of the items in it have little available history on eBay due to their rarity or obscurity, but we’ll be selling everything from old Macintosh logic boards to the original issues of MACworld magazine! 

    Whether you’re a computer collector yourself, or if you happen to have an aging computer locked up in storage somewhere, Auction Bay is the place to buy and sell! 

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