• 24May
    US Airmail Graf Zeppelin Stamps

    We sold this set of US Airmail Graf Zeppelin Stamps for over $1400 on eBay!

    At Auction Bay, we occasionally see stamp collections come into the store, but this is the first time we have encountered some truly rare stamps.  Our consignor brought in a set of the Graf Zeppelin US Air Mail stamps - some of the most famous stamps in history, worth hundreds apiece.

    We took all the necessary steps to help these stamps sell for as high as the market would bear for them.  Plenty of stamp collectors peruse eBay to find the pieces they want most in their collection, but when it comes to a set as popular as this one, the bidders really gather around and get competitive!  15 different bidders and dozens of watchers hounded this set of stamps, and in the last few moments of the auction, a $1,486.00 bid took it home!  Our consignors said that high bid was twice the value estimated by a stamp specialist over 10 years ago, so they are quite pleased with the sale.

    If you’ve got a large lot of stamps or a few valuable ones to sell, Auction Bay can take care of the task, but here are some eBay tips for those listing individual pieces at home.  Make sure to use the macro setting on your camera and get up-close photographs of the front as well as the back (collectors are concerned with the condition of the glue as well as the ink).  Take a moment to learn some philatelic terms, because if a stamp is Mint-Never-Hinged or MNH, you’ll want your bidders to know.  Showing the stamps in comparison with a tape measure can let them judge the edges of the stamp, or you can give your own measurements from the edge of the printing to the perforations (there are grading terms for the centering of the stamp image, and they can make a big difference in your sale).  Many collectors search for their stamps by the Scott’s Catalog Number, so if you can identify the stamp with that catalog and include the number in the auction title and description, that is another major key to a strong sale.

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  • 11May
    Fenton Ruffled Bowl - Plaid Pattern - sold at $207.50!

    This Fenton bowl brought $207.50 at auction!

    At Auction Bay, we see Carnival Glass and antique glass items frequently.  While there is no shortage of Carnival Glass on eBay, certain patterns from collectible makers like Fenton, Dugan, Fostoria, Imperial, and more can bring high sales.  We always put in the effort to research glass patterns so we know (and our bidders know) what to expect.

    One example is this piece: a Ruffled Bowl made in the Plaid pattern by Fenton.  It was unlike any other design we’ve encountered, so we knew it would be fun to research.  We discovered some information on the Plaid pattern, and also found a good history of sale for similar items.   With such a hard-to-find pattern and in such great condition, this bowl had everything it needed to sell well.  It brought an impressive sale at $207.50!

    The key with selling glass items is to identify the maker and the pattern, so that collectors searching for those key factors can find the item.  On pieces that have no maker’s mark, it can be quite difficult and time-consuming.  Bring your carnival glass in to Auction Bay, and we’ll assess your items and can get them sold!

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  • 05May
    A Gold Coin made into a ring brought a big sale!

    This Gold Coin Ring brought $322.05 at auction, over 2 times what the Jewelry Store offered!

    Here’s another Auction Bay success story, with a very satisfied consignor!

    Our consignor brought in this ring to see if we could manage a better sale price than she was offered by a jeweler.  When she took it to a jewelry store for an estimate, she was offered a mere $150 for her item, and we were confident we could best that.

    The Ring was a curious piece, made of a 2 ½ Dollar Gold Coin built into a custom round setting.  The coin itself was in good condition, showing plenty of detail, and the ring did a great job of framing the coin, so it had the benefits of three kinds of value: numismatic (a collectible coin), intrinsic (a handsome piece of jewelry), and actual gold value.  We listed it to show off all three of those, and our methods led to a sale of $322.05!  That’s over two times what the jewelry store offered our consignor!

    We encounter this pattern often.  A jeweler will offer you an amount for your gold which still allows them room to make a profit when they re-sell an item.  This is understandable, as they have expenses to cover, but it still leaves you wanting for the rest of your gold value!  In the case of scrap gold, they have to take that gold, melt it, fashion it into new jewelry, and then turn a profit on top of that.  But when we at Auction Bay sell gold for you on eBay, your item will always sell for its gram weight value or higher!  We take specific measures to ensure that your gold gets sold for the greatest possible value that the market will bear, because the only way that we make money is if you make money.  If you want to learn more about our process, check out our Coins & Gold page for more information.

    Auction Bay offers you the best and safest method to convert your gold into cash.

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  • 04May
    Auction Bay can help you sell your coins!

    This US Silver Dollar from 1872 brought $255.00 at Auction Bay!

    Many of us have some old coins tucked away in a box in a drawer, waiting for the day when we’ll put in the time to research them, or take them to a professional for assessment.  At Auction Bay, we can help you turn those old coins into cash, and you can rest assured they’ll sell for as much as the market will bear!

    Here, for example, is a handsome coin we recently listed on eBay.  This Seated Liberty Silver Dollar from 1872 was one of a lot of coins brought in by our consignor, as we frequently encounter.  Our listers check each date in a coin lot in search of key dates and limited minting runs, and this one was singled out from its fellows for an individual listing.  Our photos and scans are detailed and crisp, intended to show every angle and every detail, right down to the finest lines.  This way, every coin collector who encounters the listing will be able to see just how good a condition your coin can boast.  Our efforts give bidders the highest confidence in your item, and it works well enough that this coin sold for $255.00 on eBay (that’s almost $100 higher than it was estimated to bring)!

    Whether you have silver dollars like this one or a jar full of wheat pennies, our coin enthusiasts will give your item our best.  There are many numismatic collectors on eBay, and they will pay top dollar for a coin they want in their collection, so don’t hesitate to bring in those coins!

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  • 01May
    Pink Aladdin Lamp

    This Aladdin oil lamp brought $257.00 at auction since it was made of Pink Depression Glass!

    We see antique oil lamps often at Auction Bay, but we’re always fond of the ones which are marked from Aladdin.  Lamps from that company enjoy a good following and can be highly sought, but we were quite pleased with this particular lamp.

    This lamp brought in the bids because it was a rare Pink Depression Glass model, and even had its original Glass Flute marked with the Aladdin name.  It brought an impressive $257.00 at auction, even without its primary shade.

    Most old oil lamps don’t see this high of a sale, but any lamp with a name marked upon it has a good chance to be a collectible one.  Unusual shapes or colors help sweeten the potential for a good sale, and we’ll put in the research to identify the model if possible.  After identification, it’s the pictures that do the rest of the work, and we showcase each item with 6-12 professional-grade photos.

    Bring in your vintage lamp to Auction Bay, and we’ll find out how much they can bring for you!

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