• 24May
    US Airmail Graf Zeppelin Stamps

    We sold this set of US Airmail Graf Zeppelin Stamps for over $1400 on eBay!

    At Auction Bay, we occasionally see stamp collections come into the store, but this is the first time we have encountered some truly rare stamps.  Our consignor brought in a set of the Graf Zeppelin US Air Mail stamps - some of the most famous stamps in history, worth hundreds apiece.

    We took all the necessary steps to help these stamps sell for as high as the market would bear for them.  Plenty of stamp collectors peruse eBay to find the pieces they want most in their collection, but when it comes to a set as popular as this one, the bidders really gather around and get competitive!  15 different bidders and dozens of watchers hounded this set of stamps, and in the last few moments of the auction, a $1,486.00 bid took it home!  Our consignors said that high bid was twice the value estimated by a stamp specialist over 10 years ago, so they are quite pleased with the sale.

    If you’ve got a large lot of stamps or a few valuable ones to sell, Auction Bay can take care of the task, but here are some eBay tips for those listing individual pieces at home.  Make sure to use the macro setting on your camera and get up-close photographs of the front as well as the back (collectors are concerned with the condition of the glue as well as the ink).  Take a moment to learn some philatelic terms, because if a stamp is Mint-Never-Hinged or MNH, you’ll want your bidders to know.  Showing the stamps in comparison with a tape measure can let them judge the edges of the stamp, or you can give your own measurements from the edge of the printing to the perforations (there are grading terms for the centering of the stamp image, and they can make a big difference in your sale).  Many collectors search for their stamps by the Scott’s Catalog Number, so if you can identify the stamp with that catalog and include the number in the auction title and description, that is another major key to a strong sale.

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