• 07Feb

    This antique Parpoint jar sold for $276.00 thanks to Auction Bay!

    Yet another lovely antique captures our appreciation at Auction Bay!

    This antique PARPOINT Biscuit Jar (or Cracker Jar, depending on where and when you may be from) was a delightful collectible item, in great condition.  It had a rich coloration with gradient change from peach to orange, enhanced with its original hand-painted floral design.  The silver lid and decorative element above the bail were in great shape, and the maker’s marks were nice and clear on the white glass.  Even though the silver and the glass were separated, this antique vessel brought 15 bids for a $276.00 sale!

    Here’s an eBay Hint for all our home eBayers out there!  Identification is key with a piece like this!  The name PARPOINT was not spelled out, and the maker’s mark was subtly stamped in the lid and easy to miss.  There are numerous websites that catalog silver marks, and finding that letter P in the Diamond hallmark takes good research.  The name Parpoint meant the difference between a 27 dollar sale and a 276 dollar sale!

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  • 11May
    Fenton Ruffled Bowl - Plaid Pattern - sold at $207.50!

    This Fenton bowl brought $207.50 at auction!

    At Auction Bay, we see Carnival Glass and antique glass items frequently.  While there is no shortage of Carnival Glass on eBay, certain patterns from collectible makers like Fenton, Dugan, Fostoria, Imperial, and more can bring high sales.  We always put in the effort to research glass patterns so we know (and our bidders know) what to expect.

    One example is this piece: a Ruffled Bowl made in the Plaid pattern by Fenton.  It was unlike any other design we’ve encountered, so we knew it would be fun to research.  We discovered some information on the Plaid pattern, and also found a good history of sale for similar items.   With such a hard-to-find pattern and in such great condition, this bowl had everything it needed to sell well.  It brought an impressive sale at $207.50!

    The key with selling glass items is to identify the maker and the pattern, so that collectors searching for those key factors can find the item.  On pieces that have no maker’s mark, it can be quite difficult and time-consuming.  Bring your carnival glass in to Auction Bay, and we’ll assess your items and can get them sold!

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  • 01May
    Pink Aladdin Lamp

    This Aladdin oil lamp brought $257.00 at auction since it was made of Pink Depression Glass!

    We see antique oil lamps often at Auction Bay, but we’re always fond of the ones which are marked from Aladdin.  Lamps from that company enjoy a good following and can be highly sought, but we were quite pleased with this particular lamp.

    This lamp brought in the bids because it was a rare Pink Depression Glass model, and even had its original Glass Flute marked with the Aladdin name.  It brought an impressive $257.00 at auction, even without its primary shade.

    Most old oil lamps don’t see this high of a sale, but any lamp with a name marked upon it has a good chance to be a collectible one.  Unusual shapes or colors help sweeten the potential for a good sale, and we’ll put in the research to identify the model if possible.  After identification, it’s the pictures that do the rest of the work, and we showcase each item with 6-12 professional-grade photos.

    Bring in your vintage lamp to Auction Bay, and we’ll find out how much they can bring for you!

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