At Auction Bay, we can help you get top dollar sale values for your Gold and your Coins!  We’ve had great successes selling both, and eBay is hands-down the best venue through which to sell your precious metals and numismatic treasures.  Our professional staff is trained and experienced at selling everything from Gold Jewelry to Rare Coins, and we can earn you a higher sale than any pawn shop or jeweler will offer you!

Auction Bay will sell your Jewelry!

When selling Gold on eBay, whether it be broken jewelry, raw nuggets, solid bouillon bricks, or shiny new jewelry, you can rest assured that it will sell for actual spot value or higher!  We utilize several techniques to make sure our bidders have the highest confidence in our gold auctions, which include the testing of gold items, weighing each item and including the gram weight in the images and the auction title, taking detailed photos showing any gold marks, and much more.  Thanks to these techniques, our gold auctions yield high sales, true to the value of your gold items.  A Jeweler may offer you anywhere from 35-45% of gram weight value for your gold, because they still have to melt it (or at least clean and polish it) and make something new out of it, and then turn a profit!  But even after our commission, we have consistently been able to bring our consignors 50-80% more for their gold than they were offered by jewelers or pawn shops.  That’s a huge difference!  It doesn’t matter if your old class ring was backed over by a truck… it will sell on eBay!

Let Auction Bay sell your rare coins!

We have found consistent success and impressive sales on collectible US and world coins.  Any US coin minted 1964 or before (excluding pennies) contains silver, and can often be sold for roughly 10x face value!  We have accepted huge lots of old coins and turned them into great revenue for our consignors.  In our coin auctions, we will inventory each and every coin in your collection, from the Peace Dollars to the Lincoln Pennies, so that all potential bidders know exactly what they are getting.  We’ll identify and single out the rare coins and key dates, treating each with high-quality photographs which show every aspect of the coin, from the depth of the strike to the nicks around the edge to the folds in Lady Liberty’s robes.  We do everything we can to help your coins sell for the highest possible amount.

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