• 03Oct


    Whether you are moving, downsizing, or handling the estate of a loved one, Auction Bay Online can simplify the task.  We realize these life changing events can be overwhelming.  Using our expertise and a 3 phase approach, we can relieve you of the stress while maximizing profits on both your personal property & real estate.

    Our 3 phase approach includes:

    • Utilize our 18 years experience to handpick the personal property items which will sell best online and list these items through hibid.com through the Auction Bay Online Store
    • Host an onsite estate sale to sell off the remainder of the items not suited for online sales
    • Prepare the property for a full service real estate listing with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group, or choose to sell as-is via an online auction.

    Please give us a call at 312-804-2193 to schedule a no-obligation walk through.  We will come up with a customized plan for your situation.

  • 03Oct






    Vince Kisala, the owner of Auction Bay Online, is now a fully licensed realtor with the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group.   This affiliation will allow Auction Bay to handle all of your selling needs including personal property, vehicles, and real estate.  Give us a call to discuss your needs today!


  • 05Nov

    Make extra cash for this holiday season with Auction Bay Online!

    Need some extra cash for the holidays?  Bring your items into Auction Bay Online, and we’ll help you sell them on eBay!

    Now is the time to cash out your stash!  Shopping for this holiday season is gearing up, and this is the perfect time to make money by selling your items on eBay!  All through the month of November and in early December, the savvy eBay buyers are placing bids on gifts for family, friends, or for themselves!  Whether you have tools or toys, collectibles or antiques, now is a great time to sell them!

    Auction Bay is ready to handle your items with speedy listings.  Our professional-grade item photography ensures your item catches the attention of eBay shoppers.  Our market research gives us the best search terms to use for maximized visibility for your item.  Our safe and prompt shipping puts each item into its new owner’s hands with plenty of time left for wrapping.  Our high feedback and professional presentation give our buyers the confidence they need to bid high!  Our team is ready to make you money, and there has never been a better time!

    Do you have old toys you are ready to sell?  Classic toys in particular experience a bump this time of year, and whether you have Legos or G.I. Joe figures, Barbies, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Auction Bay is ready to help you sell.

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  • 24Sep

    Auction Bay Online has just celebrated its 9th year anniversary!  It sure is amazing to see how fast the time flies.  We have now auctioned off over 65,000 items on eBay, and shipped items to over 34 countries (including many we didn’t even know existed).

    One thing we have noticed over the years is that people have “lots of treasures” that they would like to sell, but find it difficult to bring them to our store.  For this reason, we will be slightly changing the way we accept items.

    From Monday through Thursday, we will still accept items at the store as usual from 11am to 6pm.

    From Friday to Sunday we will be taking appointments to visit the homes of our customers.  We will bring out our large cargo van, and go through the items you are interested in selling.  We will be able to advise you of what will sell (and what won’t) right there at your home.  The items you want to sell will be loaded up in the van and taken back to Auction Bay.  This will save you many trips to our store and save time messing with items that won’t sell on eBay.  There will be a small fee for this service based on the distance and the number of items picked up.

    If you have a lot of items to sell, we encourage you to give it a try.  Please call Vince @ 219-926-6416 to schedule an appointment for a home visit Fridays through Sundays.

    Thanks again for nine great years!  I hope to see you soon. – Vince

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  • 16Jun

    Vince Kisala, the owner of Auction Bay Online, was recently interviwed about on eBay’s radio station.  How to price items, as well as hot items are discussed.

    Click here to listen to a recording of the interview.

  • 02Feb


    Auction Bay Online will be was closed today: Wednesday, February 2, 2011, as our families celebrated Snowpocalypse 2011!

    Considering the recent snowfall and resultant states of emergency declared in Lake and Porter counties, we feel it best to keep the store closed while our community digs itself out from under the white blanket.  In all things, even selling on eBay, it’s best to stay safe.

    We will be are again open for business tomorrow, Thursday the 3rd of February.   In the meantime, we’ll enjoy warm hot cocoa as we gaze out our windows and dance through the drifts with our friends, kids, and family members.  If you’re home and itching for an opportunity, now could be a great time  to clear out the closet or basement and bundle up some items to bring in to sell at Auction Bay!

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  • 06Nov

    Thomas Centennial Park in Downtown Chesterton looks a little chilly this morning!

    The first week of November isn’t yet over, and we’ve had our first snowfall of the season!  At Auction Bay, we were amused by the flurries yesterday, but we weren’t expecting a measurable snowfall overnight!  No matter, we’re ready for business and can’t wait to help you sell items on eBay!

    We’ve got hot coffee.  Care to join us?  What better way to beat the chill of the first winter snow than by gathering up a few items and heading over to Auction Bay to make some money on ebay?  Here, you can enjoy a steaming hot cup of caffeine, a pleasant conversation, and make money all the while as  we help you sell your items.  It’s a great way to make extra money for the holiday season!  Christmas is less than 50 days away, after all! 

    Who knows what this winter will bring, but if you sell with Auction Bay, you’ll have an additional source of income to help you through the cold months! 

    We can’t help but to keep mentioning our new facade.  It looks pretty good in the snow!  As the great Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) once said… “It ain’t braggin’ if it’s true!”

    A little bit of snow won't slow us down!

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  • 03Nov

    Auction Bay Online has finished the upgrade of the building façade, bringing a classic appearance back to this 118-year-old edifice!

    We present to you the new Auction Bay Online storefront!  The design was inspired by black & white photographs of the building and the historic downtown Chesterton area.

    It's the new face of Auction Bay Online, ready to serve you!

    If you need construction or renovation work for your home or business, we’ll happily put you in contact with the contractors with whom we have enjoyed working!  Call (219) 926-6416 for more information about Auction Bay or our new look!

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  • 13Oct

    Auction Bay is getting a new look, and it's looking swell thus far!

    Our renovation is almost complete!

    Here’s a look at the new facade of Auction Bay Online!  It’s coming along nicely, don’t you think?  Based on hundred-year-old photographs of the buildings in historic downtown Chesterton, this new storefront facade will help bring our building back to its roots!  Built in the 1890s and renovated or modified many times since, 107 S. Calumet is ready to look great again!

    We’ll keep you posted as to our progress… watch for more in-progress pics!

  • 06Aug
    Where'd the Auction Bay sign go?

    Our storefront looks a bit different now, but soon you'll see a major change!

    Those who frequent historic downtown Chesterton may notice something different on Calumet just across from the park with the Gazebo!

    We’ve just taken down the sign which has stood atop Auction Bay since long before we opened four years ago!  It’s left a funny oval mark above our awning, but fear not!  This is one of the first steps in our upcoming renovations!

    The building at 107 S. Calumet has stood for over a century, and we at Auction Bay are quite happy to keep it occupied and productive!  But soon, it will get a face-lift!  We’re re-working the façade of the building to restore some of its original splendor and give it the look and feel which a 100-year-old building should have!  With a new (old) look to the outside, we’ll bring back a classic appearance!  But step inside and take a look around, and you’ll see our business is state-of-the-art, bringing you the best in online auctions!

    This month, Auction Bay Online celebrates its Fourth Year in operation, and we’re not just giving this old building a great new look.  With over 14,000 feedback and dozens of auctions listed each day, we’re continually branching outward, optimizing our system and giving you greater service.  Keep watching our website, or check out our facebook page for more news, and in the coming weeks you’ll see lots of new features, from podcasts and videos to promotional events!

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