• 03Nov

    Auction Bay Online has finished the upgrade of the building façade, bringing a classic appearance back to this 118-year-old edifice!

    We present to you the new Auction Bay Online storefront!  The design was inspired by black & white photographs of the building and the historic downtown Chesterton area.

    It's the new face of Auction Bay Online, ready to serve you!

    If you need construction or renovation work for your home or business, we’ll happily put you in contact with the contractors with whom we have enjoyed working!  Call (219) 926-6416 for more information about Auction Bay or our new look!

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  • 26Aug
    These antique leg irons, once used to shackle slave prisoners, sold for $910.00 on eBay!

    These antique leg irons, once used to shackle slave prisoners, sold for $910.00 on eBay!

    At Auction Bay, we’ve found good successes with sales of historical memorabilia, specifically period pieces with some provenance behind them.  Recently, we sold a set of antique Leg Irons, or Shackles dating to the early 1800s.  These shackles were from the estate of a professional who caught runaway slaves, and were used as he plied his trade.

    There are many collectors of all manner of historical items, and this item drew attention from several.  It brought an impressive sale at $910.00, and incidentally went back to the state of its origin: Alabama.

    This auction shows that there are highly collectible historical items that still fetch a handsome price in this economy, and collectors are looking for their next treasures on eBay!  Even items that date to a tumultuous and dark time in history can bring in the interest and the bids.  Sometimes these items go to collectors, while often they are purchased by museums, who display them for all to see, that we may not forget the errors of the past.  Either way, an eBay sale will get an item to a place of appreciation, so don’t be shy to bring in your items!

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