• 03Nov

    Auction Bay Online has finished the upgrade of the building façade, bringing a classic appearance back to this 118-year-old edifice!

    We present to you the new Auction Bay Online storefront!  The design was inspired by black & white photographs of the building and the historic downtown Chesterton area.

    It's the new face of Auction Bay Online, ready to serve you!

    If you need construction or renovation work for your home or business, we’ll happily put you in contact with the contractors with whom we have enjoyed working!  Call (219) 926-6416 for more information about Auction Bay or our new look!

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  • 31Jul

    Become a Fan of Auction Bay Online on Facebook, and get a FREE Custom Auction!

    Auction Bay is on Facebook!  We update several times each week, highlighting some of our hottest or most interesting items!  We’ll also be sharing promotions and events and company news soon, so become our fan and you’ll be in the know!

    Becoming a Fan is easy.  Just follow this link to our Facebook Page and click the Like button!  Then you’ll be among our growing list of Fans on Facebook, and you will have an early heads-up notice about any promotions we’ll run, or events we’ll participate in or host.  Not to mention you’ll get to see the daily highlighted auctions (comments are encouraged)!

    On top of it all, once you’re a fan, you’ll have a Free Custom Auction Coupon credited to your account, so the next item you bring in will have all the benefits of the Custom Auction Plan without the cost!  It’s a win-win situation!

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  • 27May
    This 20" tall LEGO man store display brought $265.00 on eBay!

    This 20-in LEGO Man sold for $265.00 on ebay!

    Classic toys and collectible items can sell really well, but we always find great sales when it comes to LEGO.  Lego sets and collections and gigantic lots always bring good bids, but special items do very well.  Take for instance this LEGO store display we recently sold.

    This is a 20″ tall lego man.  He holds a paintbrush, fastened to his hand, and is designed to advertise LEGO toys inside a store, like a shelf display or an aisle marker.  But to a LEGO collector, he’s as good as gold!  Imagine this guy in a collection or curio cabinet… or even better – stomping through a LEGO town like a huge movie monster!  Well, it was enough of an enticing thought to bring $265.00 on eBay!

    If your collection of LEGO is gathering dust, awaiting its next building project, you might be able to bring in a good amount of money for some!

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