• 03Apr

    These old toys sold for over $100! What's in your closet?

    Classic toys in good condition are one of eBay’s hottest kinds of items!  Take, for example, this pair of vintage Playskool playsets!  In good used condition, and with their original boxes, these toys brought great interest, gathering 11 bids, and selling for $118.46!

    For collectors, hobbyists, and nostalgic adults reminiscing upon their childhood favorites, old toys are often highly sought-after.  Especially for popular brand names like Playskool, Fisher Price, LEGO, and Mattel, and also for obscure or rare names, the worldwide marketplace of eBay is your best bet for finding, buying, or selling old toys!  And at Auction Bay, we are happy to help you get the biggest bang for your buck!

    If only, back when we were kids, we knew just how much more valuable our toys might be one day if we had only kept the box!  For those with toys in good condition or near complete, eBay offers a great and profitable experience!

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  • 17Sep

    These Hanna-Barbera Tinykins figures sold for $179.50!

    A lot has gone on at Auction Bay Online since our last post! Let’s share some success stories and get you caught up!

    Here’s an auction lot which brought a pleasant surprise! Here we have a lot of TinyKins figures made by Marx Toys, each depicting a classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon character! These plastic figurines range in height up to 2″ tall, and were sold as a set of 34! All your favorite characters are here, including cartoon cast members from The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Top Cat, Quick-Draw McGraw, and Huckleberry Hound!

    We started this lot out at our standard start price of $24.99, and it brought 11 bids to a handsome closing price of $179.50!  Pretty impressive for a bunch of tiny toys from decades past!

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  • 27May
    This 20" tall LEGO man store display brought $265.00 on eBay!

    This 20-in LEGO Man sold for $265.00 on ebay!

    Classic toys and collectible items can sell really well, but we always find great sales when it comes to LEGO.  Lego sets and collections and gigantic lots always bring good bids, but special items do very well.  Take for instance this LEGO store display we recently sold.

    This is a 20″ tall lego man.  He holds a paintbrush, fastened to his hand, and is designed to advertise LEGO toys inside a store, like a shelf display or an aisle marker.  But to a LEGO collector, he’s as good as gold!  Imagine this guy in a collection or curio cabinet… or even better – stomping through a LEGO town like a huge movie monster!  Well, it was enough of an enticing thought to bring $265.00 on eBay!

    If your collection of LEGO is gathering dust, awaiting its next building project, you might be able to bring in a good amount of money for some!

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