• 03Nov

    This huge toy model of the M5 Stuart tank brought a $154.00 sale!

    We love toys at Auction Bay.  Toys can be really big sellers, partly because there’s always someone looking for that cool toy they always wanted from their childhood, or that one piece to complete their collection, or Birthday & Christmas presents for their children!  And whatever toy you’re looking for, the place to find it is on eBay!

    This Tank is one of the coolest toys we’ve encountered!  We’ve seen a number of great models and even some highly detailed replicas, but you’ve got to admit… nothing screams “cool toy” like a huge toy tank over 2 feet long!  This 1:6 scale model replicates the M5 Stuart Light Tank used by American and British armed forces in World War Two.  Made by 21st Century Toys roughly 10 years ago, this piece has maintained an impressive value on the collector’s market, and is popular among radio-control toy enthusiasts as well!  After all, racing fast RC cars can be fun, but invading scale cities sounds pretty fun, too!  In any case, this tank brought enough bids to score a $154.00 sale, in spite of the fact that it was a costly item to ship!

    Whether you have great toys like this one, or other WWII collectibles, we at Auction Bay will be happy to help you sell them!  We make sure your items have the best chance of a top dollar sale!

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  • 13Jul

    Omnibot 2000 by TOMY

    This Omnibot 2000 sold for $295.00 at Auction Bay!

    Here’s another great old toy robot sold at Auction Bay!  This one brought quite a bidding war!

    This Omnibot 2000 was one of the best robotic toys of the 1980s, made by TOMY.  Still in its original box, this piece had been well kept by our consignor for over 20 years, and just sold on eBay for an impressive $295.00!

    There are many toy robots out there, and you never know which one might be a great collectible like this one.  Bring yours into Auction Bay and get your free item assessment, and you might be pleasantly surprised!

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  • 05Nov
    This hobby horse brought in big bucks, selling at $153.00!

    This hobby horse brought in big bucks, selling at $153.00!

    Here we bring you news of a strong sale for one of the finest pieces in a new consignor’s collection.  This Hobby Horse came from the Desilu corporation, made just like the one in Little Rickie’s nursery on the I Love Lucy television show!  Talk about product placement!  What better way to advertise a great toy than to showcase it on your own TV show?

    Our consignor not only had the rocker horse in excellent shape, but also brought the original magazine advertisement to sweeten the pot.  Little extras like these can make a huge difference in a sale, and we were pleased to see this horse sell for $153.00 at auction.

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  • 27May
    This 20" tall LEGO man store display brought $265.00 on eBay!

    This 20-in LEGO Man sold for $265.00 on ebay!

    Classic toys and collectible items can sell really well, but we always find great sales when it comes to LEGO.  Lego sets and collections and gigantic lots always bring good bids, but special items do very well.  Take for instance this LEGO store display we recently sold.

    This is a 20″ tall lego man.  He holds a paintbrush, fastened to his hand, and is designed to advertise LEGO toys inside a store, like a shelf display or an aisle marker.  But to a LEGO collector, he’s as good as gold!  Imagine this guy in a collection or curio cabinet… or even better – stomping through a LEGO town like a huge movie monster!  Well, it was enough of an enticing thought to bring $265.00 on eBay!

    If your collection of LEGO is gathering dust, awaiting its next building project, you might be able to bring in a good amount of money for some!

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  • 22Mar

    Jason here, with an item to share.  First, I must offer a confession.  I’m a geek.  Yes, I am an absolute geek… a fan of sci-fi and kung fu movies, with my own small collection of little plastic spaceships.

    These toy Eagle-1 spaceships sold on ebay for $350!!

    These toy Eagle-1 spaceships sold on ebay for $325!!

    So it was no surprise to me when this item began to get bids, but each of us at Auction Bay were floored to see how well it sold!

    This auction was for a pair of toys, one played-with and one new-in-box.  These toys, made by Mattel, replicate the Eagle One Spaceship from the science fiction epic SPACE: 1999.  The toys date to the 1970s, and are fairly sought after by people like me.  So sought after, in fact, that these two toys sold on eBay for a whopping $325.00!

    Yessir, we geeks love models and toys that remind us of our childhood, or which simply look cool!  We’re willing to dump loads of cash on items like this, so if you happen to have some old toy space ships or laser pistols or action figures or other toys from any old sci-fi or fantasy movies or series, don’t be quick to toss them or donate them!  Instead, bring them into Auction Bay and we’ll check to see their potential value.  You never know when that old toy could be just what we want to buy!

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  • 19Mar
    This toy Pullman Car sold for $117.50 on eBay!

    This toy Pullman Car sold for $117.50 on eBay!

    Here’s another example of a vintage toy selling like crazy!  This is a kids’ sized replica of a Pullman Passenger Car, like those that traveled the country 100 years ago!

    This is an all-metal toy, designed with sturdy construction for small children to play with or even ride upon.  Made by the Cor-Cor company, it boasts suprising detail.  It got a lot of attention on eBay, and sold for $117.50

    So don’t just toss out or donate your old toys!  There is always a chance that your vintage toy is being sought after, and eBay is where it’ll be found!

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  • 11Jan

    Antique toys usually have a good chance to sell on eBay, especially if they are in great condition with their original box.  Tin lithograph toys are fairly common, but can still be highly sought-after, especially if their designs are still clear and bright.  This was particularly the case with this auction.

    This tin litho toy robot sold BIG on eBay!

    This tin litho toy robot sold BIG on eBay!

    A new consignor brought some old toys from his childhood into Auction Bay, with no idea whether or not they had value.  One item in particular caught our eye, and sure enough, the Golden Gear Robot by Frankonia proved to be a real winner.  Dating back to the 1950s, this was not an uncommon toy, but the fact that this one survived the decades in almost pristine condition, with its original box intact made it a rarity today!

    This robot had been bid up to an impressive $389, which is where it stayed for most of the week that it ran.  But it wasn’t until the last day that the bids jumped.  More specifically, the last 12 seconds.  During those crucial moments, this robot was bid upon 6 times, by enthusiastic bidders from 5 different countries!  It sold for a whopping $927.00 and now resides overseas in a collection in Germany.

    In an economy where people are tightly holding on to their money, preparing for more tough times, we were elated to see this robot sell so well.  It goes to show you that there are still collectors out there with the money to spend, and a sought-after piece can bring a healthy price, especially since we cater to a world-wide bidding audience!

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