• 19Feb

    Auction Bay will help you sell your model trains!

    Athearn once again delivers a big sale with the Genesis line of premium model trains!  This HO scale model of a Santa Fe F45 Locomotive brought seven bids for a sale of $103.61!

    With high quality models like this, a complete presentation is key for high sales.  When you show that the box and paperwork are intact, along with every tiny guardrail and ladder rung on the model itself, then the bidders know they will get the model they want, ready to run on their layout!

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  • 19May
    This Model Locomotive by Tower55 sold for over $400!

    This Model Locomotive by Tower55 sold for $275.70!

    At Auction Bay, one of the most common items we see brought in for consignment are model trains.  Sometimes they are classic Lionel trains, which have great chance of sale.  Other vintage brands like Marx and some of the older Walthers kits can sell well, too.   Rivarossi is another great name which can bring impressive prices.  But some of the biggest sellers are contemporary models, especially the high-quality trains made by Athearn and its competitors!

    We recently sold this model locomotive made by Tower 55, which pulled in the bids and sold for $275.70!  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to train models.  Some of the best-sellers are weathered trains, which have been customized with airbrushing and other paint methods, to look more realistic.  The only ones which don’t seem to have luck are the ones from the late 70’s and 80’s from TYCO or Mantua (which had lower production quality).  If you have some rolling stock gathering dust or some reference books on trains and railroads, or even some old toy trains in a box from years back, bring them in to Auction Bay, and we’ll help you sell them on eBay!

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  • 19Mar
    This toy Pullman Car sold for $117.50 on eBay!

    This toy Pullman Car sold for $117.50 on eBay!

    Here’s another example of a vintage toy selling like crazy!  This is a kids’ sized replica of a Pullman Passenger Car, like those that traveled the country 100 years ago!

    This is an all-metal toy, designed with sturdy construction for small children to play with or even ride upon.  Made by the Cor-Cor company, it boasts suprising detail.  It got a lot of attention on eBay, and sold for $117.50

    So don’t just toss out or donate your old toys!  There is always a chance that your vintage toy is being sought after, and eBay is where it’ll be found!

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