• 01Jun
    This Zippo marks the Moon Landing 40 years ago, and sold for $203.50!

    This Zippo marks the Moon Landing 40 years ago, and sold for $203.50!

    So everyone knows the Zippo brand lighter.  They’ve been around for decades, boasting reliability and function even in adverse environments, and they’ve got that satisfying *ca-chink* sound when you flip them open and closed!  Zippo is legendary, but the market is a glut with them!  Everyone has one, and most have extras to sell.  Still, there are a few individual pieces which can bring some BIG sales.  Here’s one…

    We recently sold this Zippo Lighter, which is a special commemorative piece.  It is emblazoned with the image of a Lunar Lander, marked with the date July 20, 1969.  This collectible lighter is like new in its original box, and brought a great sale of $203.50!

    Here’s another eBay Hint for you home ebayers: This is a great item, but its timing is even greater.  Just take a look at the date… July 1969, and it’s now June of 2009!  Very soon the 40 year anniversary of the Moon Landing will start getting attention, and so for a piece like this, it can bring in LOTS of interest.  Any time a movie comes out or an event or historical date relevant to an item occurs, it drives up the interest for items related to it.  So if you’ve got an item dating to the moon landing, then it may be time to put it up for auction!

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  • 22Mar

    Jason here, with an item to share.  First, I must offer a confession.  I’m a geek.  Yes, I am an absolute geek… a fan of sci-fi and kung fu movies, with my own small collection of little plastic spaceships.

    These toy Eagle-1 spaceships sold on ebay for $350!!

    These toy Eagle-1 spaceships sold on ebay for $325!!

    So it was no surprise to me when this item began to get bids, but each of us at Auction Bay were floored to see how well it sold!

    This auction was for a pair of toys, one played-with and one new-in-box.  These toys, made by Mattel, replicate the Eagle One Spaceship from the science fiction epic SPACE: 1999.  The toys date to the 1970s, and are fairly sought after by people like me.  So sought after, in fact, that these two toys sold on eBay for a whopping $325.00!

    Yessir, we geeks love models and toys that remind us of our childhood, or which simply look cool!  We’re willing to dump loads of cash on items like this, so if you happen to have some old toy space ships or laser pistols or action figures or other toys from any old sci-fi or fantasy movies or series, don’t be quick to toss them or donate them!  Instead, bring them into Auction Bay and we’ll check to see their potential value.  You never know when that old toy could be just what we want to buy!

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