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    This Zippo marks the Moon Landing 40 years ago, and sold for $203.50!

    This Zippo marks the Moon Landing 40 years ago, and sold for $203.50!

    So everyone knows the Zippo brand lighter.  They’ve been around for decades, boasting reliability and function even in adverse environments, and they’ve got that satisfying *ca-chink* sound when you flip them open and closed!  Zippo is legendary, but the market is a glut with them!  Everyone has one, and most have extras to sell.  Still, there are a few individual pieces which can bring some BIG sales.  Here’s one…

    We recently sold this Zippo Lighter, which is a special commemorative piece.  It is emblazoned with the image of a Lunar Lander, marked with the date July 20, 1969.  This collectible lighter is like new in its original box, and brought a great sale of $203.50!

    Here’s another eBay Hint for you home ebayers: This is a great item, but its timing is even greater.  Just take a look at the date… July 1969, and it’s now June of 2009!  Very soon the 40 year anniversary of the Moon Landing will start getting attention, and so for a piece like this, it can bring in LOTS of interest.  Any time a movie comes out or an event or historical date relevant to an item occurs, it drives up the interest for items related to it.  So if you’ve got an item dating to the moon landing, then it may be time to put it up for auction!

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