Auction Bay can help you make the most of your estate or business liquidation!  We offer assistance in item assessment, handling, and sales through multiple venues – both online via eBay and through a live in-house auction venue.  We can find the hidden treasures and best-selling items in any estate, in order to help executors and families make the most of a difficult task during a sensitive time.

Auction Bay has assisted several businesses in the sale of their remaining inventory and old stock.  We have also aided numerous families in estate sales.  Both instances offer great opportunities for liquidation or cost recovery.   We help to find items of value which may go overlooked during the process, to make sure our customers get the most sales value during a difficult task.

We will work with business owners or the executor of an estate directly, providing item assessment services, and helping find the items which would bring the best sales at auction.  We are honest and thorough, and we’ll help the family determine which items would be best listed on eBay, and which items will have a superior sale in a live auction setting.  Our live auctions are handled by Indiana licensed Auctioneers, and include online bidding, making sure that your items get all the attention they need.  Working with the executor as well as with the family, we can help ensure that heirlooms go where they are supposed to, and that all items get the chance they deserve to sell for top dollar.  Contact us for more information at (219) 926-6416

Please note: Auction Bay is not a clean-out service.  Our item assessment and listing services can make a huge difference in the estate handling process, but we are not equipped to completely clean out property.

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