• 21Mar

    One of our employees recently found this great item and knew he wanted to list it on eBay.  A simple clean-up project turned into a big moneymaker when this Fire Engine Siren turned up.  Made by MARS, sirens like this are collectible items, sought-after by firefighting enthusiasts and siren fans.

    This great item would have sold anyway, but we knew that to get the most money out of it, we’d need to let people hear it!  Just check out the video and see (and hear) for yourself:

    This great item was bid up to $109.30 on eBay, and will make a great addition to any Fire Truck restoration project, or could have all manner of other uses, like setting up an alarm system or playing a prank in a dormitory… just think of the possibilities!

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  • Joan Says:

    That siren sounded great! You guys really had a great idea to attach a battery charger to it to let us hear it. BTW, the guy who did the voice-over should do lots more of that! What a nice voice you have, Jason!

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