• 16Jun
    This Pabst Beer display sold for $152.50

    Auction Bay sold this Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer sign for $152.50!

    There are many Beer enthusiasts out there, and many of them are fond of collecting the old advertising pieces for their favorite brews!  Auction Bay can take your old Bar Decor or Beer Signs and turn them into cash, just like we did with this display!

    This item is an impressive piece of Breweriana.  Advertising Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, it stood a good 14.5″ tall and featured the classic Pabst bartender, proudly touting his wares.  It brought in 11 bids and sold for $152.50! This display and others like it are highly collectible.  Not just for collectors, most any fan of Pabst (or any other beer) will appreciate a genuine article of Bar Decor advertising their favorite drink for their own shelf.

    When it comes to ad pieces like this one, the biggest sellers are often ones from Beers which no longer exist, or ones which have gone through a change in logo design.  Static display items can sell well, but the bids stack even higher for any piece which includes light and/or motion.

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  • 28Apr
    This great decanter sold for $150.00 at Auction Bay!

    This great decanter sold for $150.00 at Auction Bay!

    We recently sold a Pewter Wine Decanter, made in exquisite detail.  We’ve had some success selling similar items before, but this one is a prime example of what to look for!

    This decanter, almost 10″ tall, featured an amber glass body with elaborate pewter detailing reinforcing and protecting the glass.  The blown glass insert looked great, and while it was smooth, we have also seen a similar one with ridged glass sell well. 

    The accents and embellishments were typical of Victorian or Art Nouveau design, and these elements undoubtedly added to its value.  It sold for $150.00!

    Many pieces like this come from Germany and surrounding countries, and we have had success selling collections of beer steins, lidded pitchers, and especially regimental steins. 

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