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    One of our consignors is not only a treasure hunter, but is also an avid deer hunter.  He recently brought in his latest prize, and listed it on eBay with Auction Bay.

    This impressive set of Antlers sold for $457.00 on eBay!

    This impressive set of Antlers sold for $457.00 on eBay!

    Now, we’ve had success with impressive pieces of taxidermy before, such as mounted deer heads and racks of antlers, and even with gag gifts like Buck, the singing animated deer.  But this set of antlers spread two feet wide and had 11 full points on it, making it a whopper of a rack!  The jawbone was included, allowing the bidder to accurately determine the age of the specimen.  Soon, the hunters, taxidermists, wildlife enthusiasts, scrimshaw artists, and knife-makers were all checking out this rack.  The bids came steadily, and then this impressive set sold for $457.00.

    So if there are some more hunters out there, if you’ve got some mounted (or un-mounted) trophies that you can part with, bring them into Auction Bay, and we’ll see if we can beat that sale price!

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