• 20Nov

    This Taylor Guitar brought big bucks at Auction Bay!

    On occasion, we at Auction Bay get the pleasure of listing a fine instrument for sale.  We’ve seen all sorts, from accordions to zithers.  This Guitar is another great example!

    This is a model 414 CE Grand Auditorium Electric Acoustic Guitar by Taylor.  It’s got a huge name, and it sold for a pretty huge price, too!  It’s easy to see why, as the quality of this instrument is truly top-notch.  The body is a beautiful brown burl Ovangkol, which helps to produce a great deep sound.  The face is a high gloss Sitka Spruce, bound by White Fiber. Even the fretboard has pearl dots.  And, being the CE model, it used Fishmen Prefix Plus electronics, for on-the-fly equalizing.  It was even lightweight.

    This guitar makes tone-deaf people want to learn to play guitar, that’s how great it is.  And for that reason, it sold for $1,400.00!

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