• 16Jun
    This Pabst Beer display sold for $152.50

    Auction Bay sold this Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer sign for $152.50!

    There are many Beer enthusiasts out there, and many of them are fond of collecting the old advertising pieces for their favorite brews!  Auction Bay can take your old Bar Decor or Beer Signs and turn them into cash, just like we did with this display!

    This item is an impressive piece of Breweriana.  Advertising Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, it stood a good 14.5″ tall and featured the classic Pabst bartender, proudly touting his wares.  It brought in 11 bids and sold for $152.50! This display and others like it are highly collectible.  Not just for collectors, most any fan of Pabst (or any other beer) will appreciate a genuine article of Bar Decor advertising their favorite drink for their own shelf.

    When it comes to ad pieces like this one, the biggest sellers are often ones from Beers which no longer exist, or ones which have gone through a change in logo design.  Static display items can sell well, but the bids stack even higher for any piece which includes light and/or motion.

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  • 24May

    We at Auction Bay would like to wish all our customers and consignors a happy Memorial Day!  We salute the men and women fighting under the Stars and Stripes, and honor our veterans and those who have died for this great nation.

    This US Civil War saber is currently running on eBay!

    This US Civil War saber sold for $455.00 on eBay!

    As we enjoy the weekend off, we’d like to share an item we currently have up for auction which relates to the holiday.  We just listed this US Civil War era cavalry Saber, and it has already seen some significant interest!  Dating to 1864, this sword is a great piece of United States military history, and we are happy to see it selling so well.  In fact, it had three bids within 12 hours of it being listed!  In the end, it brought a winning bid of $455.00!!

    Here’s another eBay Hint for all you home eBayers out there:

    It’s no secret that militaria, especially items dating to the two World Wars and the US Civil War can bring some significant sales.  Between the collectors and re-enactors seeking to complete their kits, genuine historic military gear can sell well.  But this sword is experiencing some great success thanks to a number of factors including: The occasion of the holiday (between parades and programs on TV and whatnot, interest in period items is driven way up), as well as the time of year (more Civil War re-enactments and events are scheduled for the summer than the winter, and some enthusiasts may be looking to outfit themselves with a new sword early in the season).  So not only is this a splendid item, in impressive condition, professionally presented in the auction and given great photos and description, but it also benefits from impeccable timing!

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  • 21Mar

    One of our employees recently found this great item and knew he wanted to list it on eBay.  A simple clean-up project turned into a big moneymaker when this Fire Engine Siren turned up.  Made by MARS, sirens like this are collectible items, sought-after by firefighting enthusiasts and siren fans.

    This great item would have sold anyway, but we knew that to get the most money out of it, we’d need to let people hear it!  Just check out the video and see (and hear) for yourself:

    This great item was bid up to $109.30 on eBay, and will make a great addition to any Fire Truck restoration project, or could have all manner of other uses, like setting up an alarm system or playing a prank in a dormitory… just think of the possibilities!

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  • 19Mar
    This toy Pullman Car sold for $117.50 on eBay!

    This toy Pullman Car sold for $117.50 on eBay!

    Here’s another example of a vintage toy selling like crazy!  This is a kids’ sized replica of a Pullman Passenger Car, like those that traveled the country 100 years ago!

    This is an all-metal toy, designed with sturdy construction for small children to play with or even ride upon.  Made by the Cor-Cor company, it boasts suprising detail.  It got a lot of attention on eBay, and sold for $117.50

    So don’t just toss out or donate your old toys!  There is always a chance that your vintage toy is being sought after, and eBay is where it’ll be found!

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  • 15Feb

    We are pleased to share with you a fantastic item: a Tachi made by master swordsmith Bishu Osafune Morimitsu in the year 1419! This item has sold for $7,000.00!

    Check out this gorgeous antique sword, available for purchase on eBay right now!

    Check out this gorgeous antique sword, available for purchase on eBay right now!

    Once in a great while, we get a real treat to showcase.  We take pride in every auction, but sometimes we encounter something that whets our appetite and inspires us to go further than usual in the photographic and descriptive process.  Each of our specialists have their hobbies and preferences, with some of us specializing in sports and sporting equipment, others into coins and numismatics, and in this case, our weapons enthusiast was absolutely giddy to take the photos and write the listing for a centuries-old Japanese Sword.

    Check out the auction, and you’ll see how we take every effort to sell an item this special.  We make certain to perform proper research to know which terms to use in the description, and we go the extra mile when it comes to detailed photographs.  With an item such as this which is a real work of art, we make certain to highlight every important aspect.  On a Japanese Sword like this Tachi, it’s important to show it with proper lighting and using multiple angles in order to reveal the hamon, or temper line, plus reveal any visible damage.  The mei or signature on the tang is very important, and fortunately, this sword has papers with it that identify its maker and year, confirmed by a noted sword evaluator.  Our consignor provided us all the information we needed, and the result is an auction that has a far greater chance of sale.

    We’ve had the pleasure of selling Katana before, and the Tanto which this consignor brought in sold last week for $4500, so we have seen some great successes in selling fine Japanese antiques.

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  • 11Jan

    A new consignor recently brought in some vintage Boy Scout items from his life-long career as a scout and scouter, and was pleased that we were enthusiastic to list his items.  The centerpiece of his collection was his old Explorer Uniform Shirt, which bore some distinctive patches like one from the National Jamboree at Valley Forge in 1957, as well as an old Gary, IN troop patch.

    This great Explorer Scout shirt sold for $260.00 on eBay thanks to its rare patches and medals!

    This great Explorer Scout shirt sold for $260.00 on eBay thanks to its rare patches and medals!

    According to the collectors we spoke with, the Oposa Achomawi Lodge 189 patches (from an OA Lodge no longer in existence) and the Eagle Scout medal (which was Sterling Silver and had a distinctive metal knot) were the most compelling items on the uniform.  Still, the Eagle Scout on our staff was thoroughly tickled to learn the history of the patches and browse through half a century of Scouting history to help sell these items.  We will cater your auction to the patch collectors out there, to ensure a high sale!

    There are plenty of Boy Scout and Scouting collectors out there, and they are willing to bid, so bring your old Scout stuff in to Auction Bay and we’ll research it for you and help you sell on eBay!

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  • 06Oct
    This is the top-selling piece from a lot of dozens of antique Harley-Davidson Enthusiast magazines.

    This is the top-selling piece from a lot of dozens of antique Harley-Davidson Enthusiast magazines.

    A short while ago, one of our consignors brought in a lot of old magazines.  She had been trying to throw this box away for years, but finally thought to bring it in to Auction Bay.  We put a few up to see how well they might sell, and to our surprise, the first old magazine sold for over $300!

    What she had were Harley-Davidson Enthusiast magazines dating back to the early 1920s, and the earliest were dated from 1918 and 1919, and featured articles on Dispatch Riders from the First World War!  These magazines held pictures and articles all about early Harleys and their riders, and proved to be highly sought-after.  They sold very well, with the highest selling single magazine reaching just shy of $600!

    So, if you happen to have antique magazines (typically anything dated before 1960 has a good chance of sale), especially hobby magazines and other periodicals that may feature detailed pictures or model plans, don’t pitch them out!  Bring them in to Auction Bay, and we’ll help you sell them on eBay!  After all, thanks to this forgotten collection, our consignor took home over $5000!

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