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    We at Auction Bay would like to wish all our customers and consignors a happy Memorial Day!  We salute the men and women fighting under the Stars and Stripes, and honor our veterans and those who have died for this great nation.

    This US Civil War saber is currently running on eBay!

    This US Civil War saber sold for $455.00 on eBay!

    As we enjoy the weekend off, we’d like to share an item we currently have up for auction which relates to the holiday.  We just listed this US Civil War era cavalry Saber, and it has already seen some significant interest!  Dating to 1864, this sword is a great piece of United States military history, and we are happy to see it selling so well.  In fact, it had three bids within 12 hours of it being listed!  In the end, it brought a winning bid of $455.00!!

    Here’s another eBay Hint for all you home eBayers out there:

    It’s no secret that militaria, especially items dating to the two World Wars and the US Civil War can bring some significant sales.  Between the collectors and re-enactors seeking to complete their kits, genuine historic military gear can sell well.  But this sword is experiencing some great success thanks to a number of factors including: The occasion of the holiday (between parades and programs on TV and whatnot, interest in period items is driven way up), as well as the time of year (more Civil War re-enactments and events are scheduled for the summer than the winter, and some enthusiasts may be looking to outfit themselves with a new sword early in the season).  So not only is this a splendid item, in impressive condition, professionally presented in the auction and given great photos and description, but it also benefits from impeccable timing!

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