• 19Feb

    Auction Bay will help you sell your model trains!

    Athearn once again delivers a big sale with the Genesis line of premium model trains!  This HO scale model of a Santa Fe F45 Locomotive brought seven bids for a sale of $103.61!

    With high quality models like this, a complete presentation is key for high sales.  When you show that the box and paperwork are intact, along with every tiny guardrail and ladder rung on the model itself, then the bidders know they will get the model they want, ready to run on their layout!

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  • 24Sep

    Auction Bay Online has just celebrated its 9th year anniversary!  It sure is amazing to see how fast the time flies.  We have now auctioned off over 65,000 items on eBay, and shipped items to over 34 countries (including many we didn’t even know existed).

    One thing we have noticed over the years is that people have “lots of treasures” that they would like to sell, but find it difficult to bring them to our store.  For this reason, we will be slightly changing the way we accept items.

    From Monday through Thursday, we will still accept items at the store as usual from 11am to 6pm.

    From Friday to Sunday we will be taking appointments to visit the homes of our customers.  We will bring out our large cargo van, and go through the items you are interested in selling.  We will be able to advise you of what will sell (and what won’t) right there at your home.  The items you want to sell will be loaded up in the van and taken back to Auction Bay.  This will save you many trips to our store and save time messing with items that won’t sell on eBay.  There will be a small fee for this service based on the distance and the number of items picked up.

    If you have a lot of items to sell, we encourage you to give it a try.  Please call Vince @ 219-926-6416 to schedule an appointment for a home visit Fridays through Sundays.

    Thanks again for nine great years!  I hope to see you soon. – Vince

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  • 16Jun

    Vince Kisala, the owner of Auction Bay Online, was recently interviwed about on eBay’s radio station.  How to price items, as well as hot items are discussed.

    Click here to listen to a recording of the interview.

  • 10Feb

    This great artwork by Vestìe Davis sold for $5700!

    Introducing Auction Bay Classics - great success stories from years past at your favorite consignment store!  We’ve been open for over 4 ½ years now, and there are many items to share, so make sure to watch for these old favorites!

    Back in 2008, a consignor brought in a lovely artwork done in a charming style, which captured a scene from Coney Island.  The art was signed in the lower left corner as painted by Vestìe E. Davis, who we discovered was worth learning more about!  Born in Baltimore in 1903, he worked as a circus barker, newsstand manager and undertaker in New York before seeing a gallery painting and stating, “I can paint like that.”  Completely unschooled in the arts, he began painting and unlocked a natural talent.  Davis died in 1978, but collectors still vie for his artworks!

    This painting measured 24″ by 18″ (the frame added 6 inches to both dimensions), and was in need of minor restoration, but was in good shape overall.  With a starting price of just $3,500.00, we let the auction run for a week, and it was bid up to a final sale of $5,700.00!

    When it comes to selling art on eBay, the artist’s name means everything.  Artworks from a listed artist will sell for significantly higher (and with a greater likelihood of sale) than art made by lesser known individuals.  In this case, the combination of a popular artist and a collectible subject matter combined for a great sale, even with minor condition issues! Give us a call at Auction Bay, and we’ll give your artwork our Free Item Assessment, and maybe yours will bring a strong sale on eBay, too!

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  • 07Feb

    This antique Parpoint jar sold for $276.00 thanks to Auction Bay!

    Yet another lovely antique captures our appreciation at Auction Bay!

    This antique PARPOINT Biscuit Jar (or Cracker Jar, depending on where and when you may be from) was a delightful collectible item, in great condition.  It had a rich coloration with gradient change from peach to orange, enhanced with its original hand-painted floral design.  The silver lid and decorative element above the bail were in great shape, and the maker’s marks were nice and clear on the white glass.  Even though the silver and the glass were separated, this antique vessel brought 15 bids for a $276.00 sale!

    Here’s an eBay Hint for all our home eBayers out there!  Identification is key with a piece like this!  The name PARPOINT was not spelled out, and the maker’s mark was subtly stamped in the lid and easy to miss.  There are numerous websites that catalog silver marks, and finding that letter P in the Diamond hallmark takes good research.  The name Parpoint meant the difference between a 27 dollar sale and a 276 dollar sale!

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  • 06Feb

    Don't let its small size fool you! This bank could be a huge sale!

    We were excited to watch this great item sell this week.  This antique bank offered us an opportunity to watch the bidding process unfold for a rare and collectible item.

    This is the HALL’S LILIPUT BANK - an antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank, with patent dates from 1875 and 1876!  It retains little of its original paint, but is still in great working condition, with a surprising amount of detail in the cast body of the bank.  After only two days running, it had 8 bids from 6 different bidders, at just a fraction of its potential worth.  By the time the dust had cleared from the bidding war it saw, this bank had 20 bids for a total sale of $375.71!

    There are lots of collectible banks out there, and each has a chance to be worth a bundle!  Whether yours is a still bank or a mechanical bank, with original paint or in need of restoration, Auction Bay can sell it for you!

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  • 02Feb


    Auction Bay Online will be was closed today: Wednesday, February 2, 2011, as our families celebrated Snowpocalypse 2011!

    Considering the recent snowfall and resultant states of emergency declared in Lake and Porter counties, we feel it best to keep the store closed while our community digs itself out from under the white blanket.  In all things, even selling on eBay, it’s best to stay safe.

    We will be are again open for business tomorrow, Thursday the 3rd of February.   In the meantime, we’ll enjoy warm hot cocoa as we gaze out our windows and dance through the drifts with our friends, kids, and family members.  If you’re home and itching for an opportunity, now could be a great time  to clear out the closet or basement and bundle up some items to bring in to sell at Auction Bay!

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  • 28Jan

    This vintage Golden Eagle mic by Astatic brought over $300 at Auction Bay!

    Auction Bay has recently had the pleasure of selling the largest run of vintage radios and radio parts & accessories that we’ve ever seen, and it’s still going!  Thanks to a few consignors, we’ve had all manner of classic radio items, and this is just one example of the big sales from the collection.  This microphone sold for a great price, and it’s easy to see why!

    This item is the Golden Eagle model D104 mic made by Astatic, in great condition.  Its gold coloration puts a great look on a classic microphone style, and makes it highly collectible and very desirable among the radio enthusiasts out there.  It can work for HAM radio operators, CB drivers, and even modern radio broadcasters, and will give an unmatched style to each venue!  This one even had its manuals intact, so the bidders weren’t shy!  We started the bidding at the standard auction price of $24.99, because we knew it would climb without a problem.  Sure enough, it got 22 bids and sold at $318.13!

    If you’re a collector of old radio items, make sure to check our other items for more great old radios!  Or if you’ve got a collection of your own, we can certainly help you sell it!

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  • 13Dec

    This Past Grand Master medal from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows brought a $158.05 sale!

    We’ve seen numerous and curious objects from fraternal organizations, and each of them has offered us the chance to learn a great deal about their organizations and the collectible nature of their objects.  We’ve seen Masonic rings, Templar swords, and most recently, this medal: a badge of office from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows!

    This medal is a real beauty.  In great condition for its age, this piece has all the most well-known symbols for the order, including the three-link chain, the all-seeing eye, and the starburst with the motto surrounding the palm is very distinctive as well.  What’s more is that this piece of I.O.O.F.  history bears the engraved dedication to its original owner on the back, dating it all the way back to 1933.  It brought 14 bids from 7 different bidders, finally selling for $158.05 (which is, incidentally, three times more than the only similar medal on eBay in the past 90 days).

    If you have a piece of history like this or any collectible items from a fraternal organization, it could be worth a bundle.  And when sold on eBay, many pieces like this one go into the hands of collectors, or to current members of the organization to be kept in a place of respect (or sometimes presented anew to a deserving individual).  Don’t hesitate to bring your item in, and we’ll find out what it may be worth!

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  • 08Dec

    This piece of Americana sold for a huge $2,312.87 at Auction Bay!

    Here we have a piece of American history!  We knew this fine specimen of antique Americana would bring a good sale, but we were surprised to see how high the bids went!  This is definitely an Auction Bay favorite.

    This vintage piece of patriotic decor was impressive in size, measuring 41″ wide by 18″ tall.  It depicted a majestic bald eagle, the United States’ national symbol, with wings spread wide.  Cut from a single piece of wood, it had impressive detail, from the lines in the feathers to the folds of the furling flags below.  It attracted quite a few watchers, and 13 bids from 5 different bidders, all vying for the chance to add this bird to their collection.  Its final sale reached a whopping $2,312.87!!

    If you know of any artworks like this one, or other specimens of America’s patriotism in art, they could be very valuable.  We’d love to help you sell them, and our listing methods will make sure they get viewed by all the right people to sell for as much as the market will bear!

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