• 24May



    Barn/Moving Sale – Chesterton

    Lots of nice items.  All clean and well kept.  Even have a ZT3000 Zero Turn Riding Mower.

    One Day only – Saturday June 3rd 9am-3pm.

    Click here for photos and Address.


  • 09May

    estate Sale Sign


    Hobart – Hoarders Galore Estate Sale.

    7011 Old Lincoln Highway , Hobart IN

    May 25-28, 9am-3pm

    Danbury Mint Die Cast Cars, Antiques, Antique Furniture, Franklin Mint, Hamilton Mint


    This will be a 4 day sale over Memorial Day Weekend.  Starts Thursday and ends Sunday.  Sunday, everything will drop to half price.  But trust be you won’t want to wait until Sunday as there are too many deals to be had…

    Some items include:

    • 36 Rare Danbury Mint Diecast Cars still in the box
    • Antique Furniture
    • Lionel & MTH Trains
    • Disney Boxed Collectibles
    • Hamiltion Mint Collectibles
    • Franklin Mint Collectibles
    • Bird & Animal Cages
    • Autoclub Magazines
    • Hurdy Gurdy Magazines
    • Huge Stacks of 33 Albums
    • Organs
    • Player Piano Music
    • Figurines
    • Speakers
    • Tools
    • Too much to list….must see to appreciate.

    Please check out the photos, the address will be released the week of the sale!

    Click HERE for Photo Album!

  • 03Oct


    Whether you are moving, downsizing, or handling the estate of a loved one, Auction Bay Online can simplify the task.  We realize these life changing events can be overwhelming.  Using our expertise and a 3 phase approach, we can relieve you of the stress while maximizing profits on both your personal property & real estate.

    Our 3 phase approach includes:

    • Utilize our 18 years eBay experience to handpick the personal property items which will sell best on eBay, and list these items through the Auction Bay Online Store
    • Host an onsite estate sale to sell off the remainder of the items not suited for online sales
    • Prepare the property for a full service real estate listing with d’aprile properties.

    Please give us a call to schedule a no-obligation walk through.  We will come up with a customized plan for your situation.

  • 03Oct



    PicMonkey Collage_Headshot_Sign


    Vince Kisala, the owner of Auction Bay Online, is now a fully licensed realtor with d’aprile properties.  d’aprile properties is one of the fastest growing real estate firms with offices in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  This affiliation will allow Auction Bay to handle all of your selling needs including personal property, vehicles, and real estate.  Give us a call to discuss your needs today!

  • 28Feb
    This 4-foot tall wooden statue brought a $500 sale on eBay!

    This 4-foot tall wooden statue brought a $500 sale on eBay!

    Yet another example of American Tobacciana, we are happy to share the sale of this vintage Carved Wood Indian Chief Statue, once used to advertise the sale of cigars in front of smoke shops and general stores.

    Decades ago, it was common to find wooden sculptures much like this one advertising wares in front of stores across the country.  Not too many survive to this day, so finding one in great shape is always exciting!  This model stood 4 feet tall, and its colors were still bright, so it’s sale at $500 is easy to understand!

    Many old advertising pieces can bring impressive prices.  Items related to tobacco and alcohol are frequent high-sellers.  Come in to Auction Bay to see if your item will bring in the big bucks!

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  • 08Jan
    This classic camera by Polaroid is a winner!

    This classic camera by Polaroid is a winner!

    The rumors of apocalypse were greatly exaggerated, it seems!  Is your home now cramped with survival gear and supplies?  Even if it isn’t, what better time than the present to get rid of some of your old stuff?  Auction Bay can help you do precisely that, both clearing out space and simplifying your living, while making you money as well!

    You may have hidden treasures in your home, like this vintage-1970s camera!  The Polaroid SX-90 camera is a sought-after item, and brings bids!  This model was in good shape, with its original booklets and case, and sold for $113.39!

    Do you have items that could be worth a bundle on eBay?  You never know unless you try!

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  • 05Nov

    Make extra cash for this holiday season with Auction Bay Online!

    Need some extra cash for the holidays?  Bring your items into Auction Bay Online, and we’ll help you sell them on eBay!

    Now is the time to cash out your stash!  Shopping for this holiday season is gearing up, and this is the perfect time to make money by selling your items on eBay!  All through the month of November and in early December, the savvy eBay buyers are placing bids on gifts for family, friends, or for themselves!  Whether you have tools or toys, collectibles or antiques, now is a great time to sell them!

    Auction Bay is ready to handle your items with speedy listings.  Our professional-grade item photography ensures your item catches the attention of eBay shoppers.  Our market research gives us the best search terms to use for maximized visibility for your item.  Our safe and prompt shipping puts each item into its new owner’s hands with plenty of time left for wrapping.  Our high feedback and professional presentation give our buyers the confidence they need to bid high!  Our team is ready to make you money, and there has never been a better time!

    Do you have old toys you are ready to sell?  Classic toys in particular experience a bump this time of year, and whether you have Legos or G.I. Joe figures, Barbies, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Auction Bay is ready to help you sell.

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  • 03Nov

    This fine example of carved Americana brought a great sale!

    Vintage Americana is one category with potential for huge sales.  Just take for example this classic Carousel Rounding Board, elaborately carved of wood and featuring fine detail and bright colors!  Pieces like this can bring in big bucks for collectors and restoration specialists, and it’s easy to see why!

    This piece was in great condition for its age, but needed some care and restoration.  Its sale at $600.00 shows the potential for this genre, as great Carousel and Carnival items can be huge sellers.  The detail of the carvings, the bright colors, and the size (roughly 60″ by 30″) all lent toward a strong sale.  Auction Bay showcased its features, and the buyer did the rest.

    If you have classic American carved art like this, it could bring in the bids on eBay, and Auction Bay Online will help you sell it!

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  • 04Jun

    What will your old costume jewelry sell for?

    Costume Jewelry isn’t always a big seller, but popular brand names and sought-after materials can push sale prices up!  Such was the case with this vintage faceted red bakelite bead necklace!

    Bakelite, a predecessor of modern plastics, is a desirable material, and can mean the difference between a non-seller and a big seller like this one.  This strand of beads offers a classic look and is in great condition, helping it sell for $77.99!

    Among the most desirable of costume jewelry are matched sets (earrings with pin or brooch, necklace, all in the same style).  One of the names we look for is Trifari, whose elaborate pieces can be worth a fair bundle, if their condition and appearance have been maintained.  Sometimes, an entire jewelry box of costume pieces can sell en masse for a fair price, too!  At Auction Bay, we’ll help you find the hidden treasures in your collection.  Once, we found a rare gold coin in our consignor’s old jewelry box, long forgotten and ready to sell.  She was quite happy with the result!

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  • 31May

    This vintage chalkware figure brought BIG bids!

    Auction Bay is the place to take your old advertising items, especially Bar Decor and Beer Signs! We’ll help you turn them into cash, just like we did with this figurine!

    This item is in impressive condition, and makes a fine collectable piece of Breweriana.  Advertising Drewrys Ale and Beer and standing over 16″ tall, this figure is made from chalkware, making it even more desirable (as it is hard to find a chalk figurine in such great shape)!  It features the iconic mountee, proudly standing  aside his horse. It brought 18 bids – a competitive auction for certain – and sold for $717.77!  Genuine articles of vintage bar decor are sought after by fans of the beer as well as advertising collectors, not to mention bartenders.

    Sometimes, the biggest sellers in breweriana are from Beers which no longer are produced, or have changed their mascot or logo.  Whatever your collectible is, Auction Bay can help you bring a strong sale!

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