• 17Jan

    We’ve all heard the name Schwinn, thanks to their rich history of making quality bicycles.  Thanks to this history, bikes and parts with the Schwinn name have a great chance to sell well on eBay.

    This great bike by Monark sold for $128.50 on eBay!

    This great bike by Monark sold for $128.50 on eBay!

    But Schwinn isn’t the only great classic bicycle out there!  Just check out this bike!

    Made by Monark, this bike has a classic style and is in great shape.  The maker’s name on the chain guard, the rear reflector housing, and various other original parts made this a sought-after piece.  The fact that the frame was solid (no rust-through) made it a vintage bike collector’s dream, ideal for a restoration project.

    What’s more, we can successfully offer long-distance shipping for a bicycle, allowing it to be bid upon by enthusiasts in California just as easily as those in Chicago.  Through a partnership with a local bike shop, we are able to safely and professionally dis-assemble and package both modern and vintage bicycles for shipping, which allows your old bike to get the greatest chance to sell high.

    So if there’s an old bike taking up space in your garage, don’t hesitate to bring it in to Auction Bay and we’ll give it a try!

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