• 15Jun
    This Schwinn Sting-Ray Bike sold for twice what we expected!

    This Schwinn Sting-Ray Bike sold for twice what we expected!

    Schwinn bikes sell really well on ebay.  Even parts to Schwinn bikes can bring in big bucks.  There are many collectors and restoration enthusiasts out there, and each are looking for that next big project or the bike they can ride to and from work, or the bike they remember from their childhood.  Certain models sell better than others, but a bike can be a real winner if it is of a rare color…

    Just check out this Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycle we recently had up for auction!  It was in excellent shape, having been well-kept by the consignor, even as a child.  We researched the Sting-Ray type from similar years, and found a history of sales which gave us confidence that this bike would sell up to $600 in such great condition.  Well, we were surprised and very happy to see this bike bid up over twice that amount! It sold for $1,390.00!

    As it turns out, the frame boasted a rare original paint job.  Lime Green is a sought-after color, prompting this sale to reach far higher than we expected.  We hadn’t seen any green Sting-Ray bikes in our search, only yellow and blue and such, but in any case, the rarity of the color is what made the sale huge.  So, if your bike has a desirable name and is of a good model, its sale will be impressive.  But if it’s also got a rare coloration to the frame, or a rare accent (like a bulb housing for a light or a reflector mount), then its price may astound you!

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  • 18Mar
    This Schwinn Fiesta girl's bike sold for $ 135.99 on eBay!

    This Schwinn Fiesta bike brought $135.99 on eBay!

    Once again, an old Schwinn bicycle brings in the bucks!  This Schwinn Fiesta bike has a Blue Girl’s Frame and 26″ tires.  In great shape, it brought $135.99 on eBay.

    Our rule of thumb is that nearly anything with the Schwinn logo will sell on eBay, thanks to the numerous collectors and bike restoration enthusiasts out there.  Sometimes, a buyer simply remembers a grand old bike from their childhood and wants to ride that beauty again!  Other times, people see a great opportunity to bring a bike from disrepair into great working condition and offer it for sale again.  And even still, there are many who desire an affordable method of transportation to cope with difficult economic times, and what better way than with a great bike?  Whatever the case, these classic bicycles bring interest and a pretty high yield to an auction.

    Here’s another eBay hint for you home eBay enthusiasts out there!  As with most things, when selling a bicycle, the more pictures, the better.  Make sure to grab photos of the gears, but also focus on any extra parts, like chain guard and pedals, and especially lamps and accessories that might be marked with the maker’s logo.  These parts may be rare and sought-after.

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  • 17Jan

    We’ve all heard the name Schwinn, thanks to their rich history of making quality bicycles.  Thanks to this history, bikes and parts with the Schwinn name have a great chance to sell well on eBay.

    This great bike by Monark sold for $128.50 on eBay!

    This great bike by Monark sold for $128.50 on eBay!

    But Schwinn isn’t the only great classic bicycle out there!  Just check out this bike!

    Made by Monark, this bike has a classic style and is in great shape.  The maker’s name on the chain guard, the rear reflector housing, and various other original parts made this a sought-after piece.  The fact that the frame was solid (no rust-through) made it a vintage bike collector’s dream, ideal for a restoration project.

    What’s more, we can successfully offer long-distance shipping for a bicycle, allowing it to be bid upon by enthusiasts in California just as easily as those in Chicago.  Through a partnership with a local bike shop, we are able to safely and professionally dis-assemble and package both modern and vintage bicycles for shipping, which allows your old bike to get the greatest chance to sell high.

    So if there’s an old bike taking up space in your garage, don’t hesitate to bring it in to Auction Bay and we’ll give it a try!

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