• 31Jul

    Become a Fan of Auction Bay Online on Facebook, and get a FREE Custom Auction!

    Auction Bay is on Facebook!  We update several times each week, highlighting some of our hottest or most interesting items!  We’ll also be sharing promotions and events and company news soon, so become our fan and you’ll be in the know!

    Becoming a Fan is easy.  Just follow this link to our Facebook Page and click the Like button!  Then you’ll be among our growing list of Fans on Facebook, and you will have an early heads-up notice about any promotions we’ll run, or events we’ll participate in or host.  Not to mention you’ll get to see the daily highlighted auctions (comments are encouraged)!

    On top of it all, once you’re a fan, you’ll have a Free Custom Auction Coupon credited to your account, so the next item you bring in will have all the benefits of the Custom Auction Plan without the cost!  It’s a win-win situation!

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  • 01Jul

    We can hardly believe the year is going by so quickly!  There have been so many great sales and stories to tell at Auction Bay, it all just rushes by!

    Auction Bay Online will be closed this coming Saturday, July 3rd through Monday, July 5th, as our staff enjoys the 4th of July celebrations this weekend.   We will be back for business as usual on Tuesday the 5th, ready to help you sell your items!

    While enjoying barbecues and fireworks and time with family, we hope you’ll keep an eye out for yard sales as well!  There are some great treasures to be found out there, and we’ll help you sell them on eBay!  Keep safe this weekend!

    We wish all our customers and consignors a

    Happy Independence Day!


  • 02Feb

    At Auction Bay, we’ve sold everything from dolls to classic cars, and have brought smiles and big paychecks to our consignors.  But among our list of items that sell well, it’s our Gold auctions that have brought the highest consistent range of sale.

    GOLD is on everybody’s mind these days!  In harsh economic times, the price of Gold has gone up, and people are rushing to sell it.  It’s a good idea, too!  Gold is in high demand and its price-per-ounce is the highest its been in years!  There are lots of ways to sell your gold, and every company out there wants to do it for you.  Local pawn shops and jewelers offer the convenience of a quick sale, but at the cost of a significant percentage of your gold’s value.  A jeweler has to take your gold, melt it, fashion new jewelry, and then re-sell it to make a profit.  The same is true for pawn shops, which will give you a value based upon what they feel they can get by re-selling.  And then there are the websites advertising ‘gold kits’, asking you to send in your gold.

    Do you have hesitations about using a mail-in service for your gold?  You should… just take a look at this article and video from Good Morning Americahttp://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=7125707&page=1

    Those mail-in companies offered a fraction of actual gold value! If you want Top-Dollar for your valuables, then you should consider selling your gold at Auction Bay!
    Here’s why:

    Auction Bay can sell your GOLD!When selling Gold  on eBay, you can rest assured that it will sell for actual spot value or higher!  From new jewelry to Gold Coins to old Class Rings and even broken, mangled jewelry, if it’s gold, it’ll sell.   We take steps to make sure your gold auction offers potential bidders the highest confidence.  We test gold items to accurately identify Karat weight.  We show the actual weight in grams of a gold item in pictures as well as the auction title.  We use keywords that make sure our gold auctions are seen by both gold collectors and scrappers (we’ll even include different spellings of gold designations, like 14K and 14 KT, so that your auction is seen, no matter what people are searching for).    We take high-quality photos to show every facet in a piece of jewelry, as well as the luster of the gold color.  And we show you every step of the process before you commit, so you can be certain of our methods.

    The final thing to consider is that at Auction Bay Online, we make money based on a percentage on your item’s sale price.  That means that we take steps to ensure that every item gets high visibility, and high bidder confidence, so that it has the best chance to sell for top dollar.  And if your gold jewelry has sentimental value, then it’s got a great chance to sell to someone that actually wants to purchase it for its intrinsic value, to wear as jewelry instead of melt for scrap.

    We look forward to seeing your Gold items at Auction Bay.  Give us a try with one or two items, and see how you like the process.

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  • 29Dec

    Auction Bay Online will be closed this coming Thursday, December 31st through Friday, January 1st, as our staff enjoys the 2010 New Year’s celebration.   We will be back for business as usual on Saturday the 2nd, ready to help you sell your items!

    We bring to a close a great year which has seen some phenominal sales, some new faces, and some positive changes for Auction Bay.  We’re ready to help you start your year off with a good step, clearing clutter and getting strong sales for your items!

    We wish all our customers and consignors a Happy New Year!

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  • 20Dec

    Happy Holidays from Auction Bay Online!

    Auction Bay Online will be closed this coming Thursday, December 24th through Sunday, December 27th, as our staff enjoys the holidays with our families.  We will be back for business as usual on Monday the 28th, ready to help you sell your items!

    We wish all our customers and consignors the best of times this holiday season!


  • 24Aug

    Just 10 days ago, Auction Bay Online celebrated 3 years in business, having first opened our doors in August of 2006.  And just yesterday, we met another milestone!  We just achieved the coveted 10,000 Feedback mark!

    That's right!  10,000 feedback for Auction Bay Online!

    That's right! 10,000 feedback for Auction Bay Online!

    Not only is that a huge number, but it reflects our dedication to satisfying our customers and helping items sell for as much as the market will bear.  We go all-out to get the job done and to get each item seen by the people that want it, and we make sure those items reach their happy buyers quickly and safely.

    We’d like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all who helped us reach this point: our consignors (who continue to bring in intriguing and compelling items), our customers (many of whom faithfully track our auctions, watching for their next great treasure), our co-workers both past and present (who day in and day out hammer out fantastic photographs, listings, and ship each item safely to its new home), and our families (who tolerate and support our incessant ranting about the coolest new thing on the shelves).  It’s been an incredible ride, and it’s only just beginning!

    Keep your eyes on this site and on our auctions!  You’ll see some changes and improvements, all geared toward better serving you!

  • 08May

    We are proud to present the best Automatic Swimming Pool Skimmer you can find!  Auction Bay is now your main supplier for the Pool Python

    This skimmer really keeps your pool clean and clear of floating debris and bugs.  It’s an ingenious design, and incredibly simple, installing in moments and requiring no chemicals or special parts!  It plugs right into your existing system, and is compatible with both above-ground and most in-ground pools! 

    Just check out the video, and you’ll see that the Pool Python is just what you need to keep your pool clean this summer!

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  • 07Apr
    A Happy Easter to all our customers, consignors, and visitors!

    A Happy Easter to all our customers, consignors, and visitors!

    Auction Bay Online will be closed on Friday, April 10, and Saturday, April 11, to allow our staff to enjoy a nice, long Easter Weekend!  We’ll be back bright and early on Monday, the 13th!  We wish all of you a great weekend filled with great food and family fun!


  • 11Mar

    Spring is here, and the showers have been impressive!Coffee Creek is rising with the impressive rains this week!

    Check out this view of Coffee Creek from behind Auction Bay!  The creek was high yesterday during all the heavy March rain, and is still fairly high.  It swamped over the boardwalks and gazebos in Coffee Creek Park.  Nonetheless, we at Auction Bay were hard at work cranking out listings.  Though the temptation was high to break out that 12′ Pelican Apex Kayak we’ve had up for auction and give it a whirl!   Incidentally, that Kayak sold for $305.00!
    The creek was similarly high back in this past August when the remnant of Hurrican Gustav took its time pouring on the midwest.

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  • 03Feb
    Scenic downtown Chesterton as seen from Auction Bay's front door!

    Scenic downtown Chesterton as seen from Auction Bay

    It’s Tuesday the 3rd and Chesterton is ground zero for a massive dumping of lake effect snow from Lake Michigan.  The forecasts project a healthy 8-16 inches of accumulation today and tonight, and from the looks of the snow, it’s likely to happen! 

    Check out the picture taken from our front door looking out onto the park in Downtown Chesterton.  Can you see the gazebo? 

    Nevertheless, we at Auction Bay are ready to serve you!  Our doors are open from 11-7 each weekday, and today is no exception.  If braving the blizzard conditions isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to call us up and get more information about items you might like to sell!  In the meantime, we’re writing up ads and getting your items listed.  Stay safe out there!

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