• 03Feb
    Scenic downtown Chesterton as seen from Auction Bay's front door!

    Scenic downtown Chesterton as seen from Auction Bay

    It’s Tuesday the 3rd and Chesterton is ground zero for a massive dumping of lake effect snow from Lake Michigan.  The forecasts project a healthy 8-16 inches of accumulation today and tonight, and from the looks of the snow, it’s likely to happen! 

    Check out the picture taken from our front door looking out onto the park in Downtown Chesterton.  Can you see the gazebo? 

    Nevertheless, we at Auction Bay are ready to serve you!  Our doors are open from 11-7 each weekday, and today is no exception.  If braving the blizzard conditions isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to call us up and get more information about items you might like to sell!  In the meantime, we’re writing up ads and getting your items listed.  Stay safe out there!

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