• 01Jun
    Coalby got 18 bids for a $180 sale!

    This Coalby the Cat cookie jar from McCoy brought $180.00 at auction!

    Art pottery can bring great sales on eBay!  Collectors browse the listings for those rare pieces or odd color variations, and will bid against one another with brutal competition to complete their collections.  Here we have a recent example of a good art pottery sale from Auction Bay.

    Here is a vintage Cookie Jar made by McCoy.  This particular design is called Coalby the Cat, and this piece was in excellent condition, for certain.  Bearing an easily identifiable maker’s mark on the underside and an unmistakable design, it was a snap to get this item the attention it deserved.  As a standard auction, it started with a $9.99 initial price, and was bid on 18 times for a total sale of $180.00!

    The key with pottery and with most items on eBay is identifying the maker and the design of an item.  Pieces with maker’s marks on their undersides, or a distinctive pattern or shape can be highly sought-after.  Unmarked pieces will be lost in the thousands of eBay listings, but any piece of pottery with the name McCoy, or Hall, or Hull, or Roseville maker’s marks can be big sellers.  At Auction Bay, we’ll take the time to research each item you bring in and accurately identify it, thus giving it the greatest chance to garner attention and be bid upon.  When we list an item, we make sure that all the bidders can find it, and when they do, our descriptions and photos let them bid with confidence.

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  • 23Jul
    This is one of many Roseville pottery pieces sold recently at Auction Bay!

    This is one of many Roseville pottery pieces sold recently at Auction Bay!

    So much has been going on at Auction Bay, we’ve hardly had time to post an update! To make up for it, how about we share a big success?

    A brand new consignor entered our store not long ago to sell a collection of Pottery. Not just any pottery, mind you… there are tons of pottery items on eBay, but this consignor’s pieces all boasted sought-after names and hard-to-find patterns, and some even had rare coloration! When it comes to pottery, we look for names like Roseville, and Hall and Hull and even McCoy. Other names like Van Briggle can bring sales, but an unmarked piece can be a very tough item to sell amidst a sea of similar pieces on eBay. Even small studio pottery pieces, which might have some local appeal, might not bring large sales on the worldwide marketplace from simple obscurity! So a sought-after name on a piece could make or break its sale. Sometimes, an Art Deco or Art Nouveau style to a piece of pottery

    We offer cheers to this consignor, not only for the high range of sale, but for the fact that she took the effort before even coming into the store to research her items, and find out their pattern names, what the markings meant, and even brought in examples of similar pieces currently on eBay for reference! This lady now knows the fun we have each day, where we get to learn about items we might never have suspected we’d know about. She took an active role in her listings, and got to enjoy watching them get bid up all the higher because of it! Cheers and congratulations… and all the best of luck on the next batch of treasures!

    This Roseville vase in the Wisteria pattern brought a huge sale!

    This Roseville vase in the Wisteria pattern brought a huge sale!

    This Green Roseville Freesia Pitcher Flower Vase No. 20-10″ sold for $154.15!
    This Brown Roseville Water Lily Large Flower Vase No. 83-15 sold for $82.99!
    This Brown Roseville Pinecone Flower Vase No. 838-6 sold for $140.27!
    This Roseville WISTERIA pattern Teardrop Flower Bud Vase No. 631-6″ sold for $311.01!

    While the economy may still be getting back on its feet, there are still plenty of collectors out there, each watching for their favorite type of item to go up for auction.  It’s well worth a try to sell an item or even a whole collection, so don’t hesitate to bring your item into Auction Bay for a free consultation!

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