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    This mantel clock brought a handsome sale!

    At Auction Bay, we are pleased to see antique mantel clocks come across our counter with some frequency.  Here’s a great example: an E.N. Welch Mantel Clock with a white face and wooden housing, in great condition!  This handsome timepiece brought an impressive $152.50 at auction on eBay!

    We’ve seen all manner of mantel clocks, from simple wood block clocks to marble and slate creations to elaborate brass and glass enclosures, from names like Seth Thomas, Gilbert, Bucherer, New Haven, and many more.  Our skilled photographers pour over every inch of these clocks to capture any and all maker’s marks, and we can often find markings on the clockwork itself (which can be difficult when this clockwork is hidden behind the face with no back panel!

    If you have an old mantel clock, even one that isn’t fully functional, it can bring a pretty penny on eBay.  Contact Auction Bay, and we’ll help get it sold for you!

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