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    Artwork can be a tough sale on eBay, but if you have the right elements, it can bring in the bucks.  Take for example this original painting by Willi Bauer, which we recently sold on eBay.

    This original Oil Painting by Willi Bauer sold for an impressive $1,100.00 on eBay!

    This original Oil Painting by Willi Bauer sold for an impressive $1,100.00 on eBay!

    This piece was an original work in great condition, with a visible (and legible) signature.  The artist is a known name, which means that collectors and enthusiasts are searching for that name on eBay, which gives a much greater chance for an item to sell.  Even though it was fairly large (which has an effect on shipping costs), the frame looked sharp and the value of the artwork was recognizable.  What further helped this was the letter included with it, which was from an established art gallery, and confirmed its origin and the identity of the artist.

    While a ‘Certificate’ like this is not necessary for the sale of artwork, it certainly helps.  If you have a piece of original art that you’d like to sell, a little bit of research can go a long way.  A letter or two sent to a dealer can add credibility to your item in a market where anything can happen.  Often, a gallery or art dealer will charge a fee to identify or appraise your item.  As always, keep in mind that any appraisal or estimate of sale value is often 2-4 times higher than the potential sale of an item on eBay!  Appraisals are intended for replacement value or insurance costs, and are consistently not representative of an item’s sellability.

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