• 13Oct

    This Samovar urn brought lots of bids and a sale of $717.00!

    Ever heard of a Samovar?

    This Samovar urn is quite a curious contraption, designed to heat and maintain hot water, tea, coffee, or your beverage of choice.  It contains a central column for hot coals, which heat the liquid in the surrounding reservoir.  This vintage piece is Russian in origin, of brass construction, and still holds water.  The design is elegant and features embellishments at the valve and the handles, and the maker’s mark is written in Cyrillic characters, so we’re not certain the name.  Nonetheless, it sure did bring some exciting action!  This samovar brought 31 bids, for a final sale of $717.00!

    Items like this are great examples of why we all love working at Auction Bay.  We may never have come across this piece or any like it outside of work, but learning about the rare items and their history, and the cultures and traditions behind them make for a really fun day’s work!  And we can still be pleasantly surprised at the end of an auction!

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