• 13Jan

    Musical Instruments are always in demand, as there’s always someone looking to learn how to play, or needing to replace their aging starter instrument.  We’ve been able to sell every instrument we’ve listed, including a few very special ones for some very impressive prices.

    One way to help sell any instrument is to have a skilled musician play it for the camera, and then attach the video to the auction.  This allows potential bidders to see and hear the quality of the instrument, and its rich tones, and its moving parts (not to mention any defects, which help prevent returned items).  So if you happen to know (or if you happen to be) someone who can play the instrument you’d like to sell… it can fetch potentially more money if you’re willing to play it for us!

    Recently, this trombone was consigned through Auction Bay.  We could find no Trombone Player, so Emil stepped up to the task.

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