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    Antique toys usually have a good chance to sell on eBay, especially if they are in great condition with their original box.  Tin lithograph toys are fairly common, but can still be highly sought-after, especially if their designs are still clear and bright.  This was particularly the case with this auction.

    This tin litho toy robot sold BIG on eBay!

    This tin litho toy robot sold BIG on eBay!

    A new consignor brought some old toys from his childhood into Auction Bay, with no idea whether or not they had value.  One item in particular caught our eye, and sure enough, the Golden Gear Robot by Frankonia proved to be a real winner.  Dating back to the 1950s, this was not an uncommon toy, but the fact that this one survived the decades in almost pristine condition, with its original box intact made it a rarity today!

    This robot had been bid up to an impressive $389, which is where it stayed for most of the week that it ran.  But it wasn’t until the last day that the bids jumped.  More specifically, the last 12 seconds.  During those crucial moments, this robot was bid upon 6 times, by enthusiastic bidders from 5 different countries!  It sold for a whopping $927.00 and now resides overseas in a collection in Germany.

    In an economy where people are tightly holding on to their money, preparing for more tough times, we were elated to see this robot sell so well.  It goes to show you that there are still collectors out there with the money to spend, and a sought-after piece can bring a healthy price, especially since we cater to a world-wide bidding audience!

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