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    Figurines by Hummel / Goebel can sell well on eBay!

    Figurines by Hummel / Goebel can sell well on eBay!

    At Auction Bay, we often have little decorative figurines brought in by consignors for consideration.  If those figurines are made by the Goebel company of Germany, then they almost always sell!  Goebel figurines, most commonly created by the artist M.J. Hummel, or others of that family, are collectible and fairly well sought-after.  Their collectors often buy up and swap out these figures in large numbers… but we’ve got at least one consignor selling them one by one.  For instance, check out these figures we’ve recently sold:

    Grandpa’s Boy & Grandma’s Girl Figurines – $122.50

    The Artist Figurine Hummel # 304 – 1955 – $78.05

    The older the Hummel figure, the better the sale!  But watch out for all the imitations out there.   

    Here’s an eBay hint for all you home eBay enthusiasts!  When selling a Hummel figurine, make sure to get a good photo of the underside of the base of the figure, which is where you can find information about its date of manufacture or production run.  Make sure to put these numbers in the title, too!  After all, some collectors might search by the figure name, while others will be searching for its catalog number!  If you’re not sure of its name or number, having one will help you find the other.  And check out similar figures on eBay – you can accurately identify yours by another seller’s item!

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